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  1. Water cooling wouldn't help with AC costs since the heat is still put into your home. I don't know too much about water cooling overall but I heard it don't do much better than air unless you get a decent one. I know once I started back up my room is WAY more hot. I have to keep my bedroom door open now.
  2. Linux linux-ol3p #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 5 13:57:33 CST 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux I'm assuming this is the new kernel. It has the date and everything on it. Thanks for the help. I still wonder what happened when I renamed it.
  3. hydrotaoist

    new kernel

    I had to create me a new kernel for etqw. All appeared to go well but I could not figure out where the new kernel went so I could add it to grub. I renamed the kernel to something different so I could find it but its not under boot. Now what I was supposed to do is create a new kernel and create a backup of my old one. Yet when I rebooted my ATi drivers were no longer working so maybe I did create a new one its just that the old one was no longer in grub? I do have a old kernel there labeled .old but the new one isn't what I named it. So how do I check that I indeed have the new kernel installed or if I'm still using the same one? I changed to a preemptive kernel and changed the rate to 1000. So maybe if there was a command to check this I could know. thnx for trying to understand my confusion.
  4. I actually saw a few photos of that incident and was happy to see the story behind it. thnx
  5. I hear about these super batteries all the time. All different kinds but they never seem to pan through. They never seem to hit the market. Maybe this one will follow through and according to the site it is non radioactive and not hazardous to the environment. http://www.nextenergynews.com/news1/next-e...ltaic-10.1.html
  6. http://www.snopes.com/photos/odd/haitiufos.asp Truth is out now on who made the videos and why. Check it out.
  7. Brandon if you want to get probed that bad Chopdoc is a DR and I'm sure he will help you out with that. Oh ya you had better get your tin foil hat ready too.
  8. Well its just a snippet of a video and it just HAPPENS to go right over his head? Alot of people also say the trees are all the same. If you look at the tops all of them are extremely similar. But being from Florida most palm trees do look alike. I just think its some kick CGI. The other video shows one going over the sun and its done PERFECT. How the light fades is unreal. It fades just like it should.
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...h&plindex=0 Some people say its a viral campaign but I don't know who made it yet. It has to be professionals. ....Awsome CGI Well There was another one but I can't find it now. Either way enjoy
  10. http://www.tech.co.uk/computing/internet-a...leid=1857379299
  11. Maybe chop can go in on this one. But if its right A LOT more people could be saved from heart attacks. http://www.cnbc.com/id/18368186/site/newsweek/
  12. I have been whipped with a belt and that looks nothing like a belt at all. Something is up. Also I have to totally disagree that those wounds are from child abuse. All people bruise differently. My dad used to hit me with the belt and it would leave HUGE wilts that would stay for days but it didn't even hurt that bad. Those wounds are not even enough to form bruises.
  13. Hook a brotha up with some X-anax!!
  14. When I used to go to detention they would make me write out the words in the dictionary and In all honesty it did help my vocabulary. However it did not help my spieling
  15. Um no...You think they are going to email to a fake email? The spam that gets sent are not real email or do not get read. I can send a email to anyone using anyones email. Matter of fact I can do it with my website because it has a mail server on it. All I have to do is put where I want it to go and what email it looks like it came from. This is what most spammers do. The good thing about the nigeria spammers is they HAVE to use a real email because in order for the transaction to work you need to be able to reply.
  16. How are you supposed to filter it when they change their email over and over. They use real email accounts so they go right past the spam blockers. Also the emails change so the blocking software has to learn. They are always behind just like the anti virus software. Its a lot better then sitting around and doing nothing. Getting 1000 spam emails everyday will mess with them I don't care how you look at it.
  17. They mass mail these things and they have to use a correct email in order to be able to reply. So they if they get over 1k spam emails a day they will be forced to create another email and start all over. I figured it would be pretty simple. Not only that but everyone hates spam. I could eventually get this guys PO box or address and send him mass amounts of crap. Its payback. Or you could just not do anything and allow them to do it.
  18. NOT open them? What fun is that. I posted this guys email to well over 100 porn sites. After that they will sell that email to hundreds more. You can either sit around and do nothing. The problem gets worse or you can have some fun and at least slow them down. I get ZERO spam to that email account. The only people that seem to have that email are the nigeria people. I just want them to get a taste of their own medicine. I have another email account I intentionally get spam in. I will go to their website find out their real email and give their email to spam lists as well. Sometimes I can get their address and then it gets really fun. I've sent them rotten eggs before
  19. Removed to email for now(edit) In Good Faith I Contact You and i quite believe that life is vanity.the only life worth Living is a life devoted to serve the Almighty Creator, most merciful, most compassionate and most benevolent.This is the reason for my present decision that is absolutely based on freewill and humanitarian bases. I am Tyron Savimbi the only surviving child of the Jonas Savimbi, The Head of the UNITA Rebel leaders of Angola. For his enemies, he was called The SADDAM HUSSEIN OF ANGOLA but My late father fought the agonizing civil war from the very scratch in order to protect Angolans, and he was in charge of selling of diamonds and other solid minerals that belong to the rebels stronghold area. This Position made him very rich and powerful, that the other rebel supporters of UNITA became envious that they set my father up and hewas killed. Please click the links below for details http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/264094.stm ,http://www.nigeriamasterweb.com/SavimbiKilled.html , they also executed everyone that bared the same surname with us in my village, thus making sure that we were completely wiped out, but glory be to the creator who brought An aid loyal to my father met with me and my Mother and sneaked us to Zambia a neighbouring country from where we travelled to London to seek asylum which is still in progress. My mother died of extreme cancer some months ago here in London and was buried by her only sister but I was not able to attend the burial to give my mother the last respect because I am undergoing a mechanised treatment for Oesophageal cancer which has become so bad that my life is been lived with the help of machines and have since lost the ability to talk and I believe I have less than some weeks to live but before I die I wish to make things right as it has been my mother's wish even at the point of death. Some months ago my late mother took me to a Finance/Security firm where my late Father deposited large sum of money which he acquired during the war and I took Possession I do not want this money to get into wrong hands by means of interstate Laws. My late father probably did not do thing right and fate has dealt with us decisively, but lying here on my dying bed I am determined to do things right to enable me die in a state of Taahir, .I want you to retrieve this funds and give it to charity for me. May the guidance of the lord be with you and your household Tyron Savimbi This time im going to add his email to every spam list I can be fine. You can do it also it will be fun.
  20. The same driver that works for 10.1 worked for 10.2 on my system. Don't ask me how but it did.
  21. http://www.suse.de/~sndirsch/ati-installer-HOWTO.html Try here and if that doesn't work then go to the post (cant install suse) by brandon. Believe it or not the post went that direction Eventually some one who knows what they are talking about will come help you. BTW the install directions for 10.1 worked for me fine but Brandon is still having problems.
  22. http://www.markconnell.com/mark/chat.asp This is a pretty impressive bot. Have some fun with it.
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