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  1. I've been watching BD closely and something seriously is wrong. Maybe the OS is not optimized for BD yet. It simply does not make sense that they perform this badly. The X6s outperform them in some cases. They do have a turbo function. Maybe it be better if you shut half the cores down and OC'ed the hell out of it?
  2. Ok found the solution. I had to use the Console version apparently.
  3. I have the HD 5770 and its saying I do not have a supported GPU I tried the -forcegpu ati_r700 to no avail. I have the 11.1 drivers any suggestions?
  4. What do they rub their legs together in unison?
  5. Water cooling wouldn't help with AC costs since the heat is still put into your home. I don't know too much about water cooling overall but I heard it don't do much better than air unless you get a decent one. I know once I started back up my room is WAY more hot. I have to keep my bedroom door open now.
  6. Linux linux-ol3p #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 5 13:57:33 CST 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux I'm assuming this is the new kernel. It has the date and everything on it. Thanks for the help. I still wonder what happened when I renamed it.
  7. hydrotaoist

    new kernel

    I had to create me a new kernel for etqw. All appeared to go well but I could not figure out where the new kernel went so I could add it to grub. I renamed the kernel to something different so I could find it but its not under boot. Now what I was supposed to do is create a new kernel and create a backup of my old one. Yet when I rebooted my ATi drivers were no longer working so maybe I did create a new one its just that the old one was no longer in grub? I do have a old kernel there labeled .old but the new one isn't what I named it. So how do I check that I indeed have the new kernel installed or if I'm still using the same one? I changed to a preemptive kernel and changed the rate to 1000. So maybe if there was a command to check this I could know. thnx for trying to understand my confusion.
  8. I actually saw a few photos of that incident and was happy to see the story behind it. thnx
  9. I hear about these super batteries all the time. All different kinds but they never seem to pan through. They never seem to hit the market. Maybe this one will follow through and according to the site it is non radioactive and not hazardous to the environment. http://www.nextenergynews.com/news1/next-e...ltaic-10.1.html
  10. http://www.snopes.com/photos/odd/haitiufos.asp Truth is out now on who made the videos and why. Check it out.
  11. Brandon if you want to get probed that bad Chopdoc is a DR and I'm sure he will help you out with that. Oh ya you had better get your tin foil hat ready too.
  12. Well its just a snippet of a video and it just HAPPENS to go right over his head? Alot of people also say the trees are all the same. If you look at the tops all of them are extremely similar. But being from Florida most palm trees do look alike. I just think its some kick CGI. The other video shows one going over the sun and its done PERFECT. How the light fades is unreal. It fades just like it should.
  13. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...h&plindex=0 Some people say its a viral campaign but I don't know who made it yet. It has to be professionals. ....Awsome CGI Well There was another one but I can't find it now. Either way enjoy
  14. http://www.tech.co.uk/computing/internet-a...leid=1857379299
  15. I guess that could be part of the reason. I used cheats on Americas army but I used them on non-punkbuster servers. But I have never used a hack anywhere else. It dulls your reflexes BIG TIME. It teaches you a lot on where the peeps hide and such. Everyone on a non punkbuster server cheated tho so it was fair game. I personally have no problems with cheats if everyone has them. My main concern is fair play. When you have people using cheats on a punkbuster server I don't know if I got beat from lack of skill or because the use some sort of wallhack/aimbot ect. SO when something seems off I do some "things" to find out for sure. The whole problem with this however is I'm not so ignorant to think that I catch them all. So If I have about 120 people banned. How many did I miss? I don't report unless I'm 100% sure. There are a lot of times I'm suspicious but not enough. Also something really funny I found out is most the cheaters don't score as well as the good players. Its really sad to have a wallhack and STILL get beat I have reported several people where I had a better score
  16. Well QW has the new mega textures I believe so it will run AWSOME. It uses OpenGL and is supposed to support linux. I cant wait for either of those games. Unfortunately they are not out yet. I played BF2 for a about 3 months. Then one day I was standing there and I saw 3 nades come from 3 different directions and hit the same exact spot. Right at a guys feet. Then a forth come at me at my feet. All over a fence with no line of sight!!! I figured I couldn't compete with those cheats or those skills so I stopped playing. BF2142 is pretty bad with cheats too but I just report them. I NO JOKE got a personal email from a punkbuster staff member asking me how I was so accurate in reporting cheaters. I still am not going to reveal my secret =)
  17. Although I hated this game there was no other game out that is better. SO me being a idiot I still played it. I just now got all the available unlocks w/o the expansion. I didn't want the expansion since I didn't like the first one. http://battlefield.ea.com/battlefield/bf21...drotaoist\ This here are my stats. I still kinda suck at it but for a game I didn't like I guess its better then most....lol Anyway, anyone know of another quality FPS worth the 50 bucks? It can be any kind. It don't matter to me. Oh on another note I found funny about bf2142 as my skill rose my win/loss ratio barely changed. It goes to show you if your team is trash there isn't much you can do. I never camped I always went for the flag. So you would think these efforts would put me on top more often but apparently it does not.
  18. Maybe chop can go in on this one. But if its right A LOT more people could be saved from heart attacks. http://www.cnbc.com/id/18368186/site/newsweek/
  19. I have been whipped with a belt and that looks nothing like a belt at all. Something is up. Also I have to totally disagree that those wounds are from child abuse. All people bruise differently. My dad used to hit me with the belt and it would leave HUGE wilts that would stay for days but it didn't even hurt that bad. Those wounds are not even enough to form bruises.
  20. Using fahmon its showing about 500 ppd where I was gettin 660 before. Im runnin it with admin rights but that don't seem to help. I guess I'm going to have to eat the point loss until its working right.
  21. I just got vista and got my x1900xtx running at the same speed as my xp rig. Problem is I'm runnin at 2.5 seconds a frame. Almost twice as slow as it was on xp. I don't know for sure if these are different work units for vista or not. But if they are not Its going to start hurting on points. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I'm hydro on FAH my points have dropped but only because I didn't install FAH till I knew everything was running ok. So I wont know for sure my point ratio for about a week. Oh on a added note my CPU is only running at 30-40%.
  22. I scored a 77%. Funny thing is I figured id score about a 30.
  23. I have had off and on problems with my connection and over the last two years. Every time I do a trace route this server Always has huge spikes in it. From 30 to 80 ping or so. I have lag spikes in games and such. This is the lowest server that has the problem on the trace route after many tests so it has to be this server. I could email them to fix the problem but chances are they wont do a thing. (I have tried twice) SO I'm wondering if anything can be done besides the email. Also do you guys have this problem too?. Most likely people in Florida will hit this nod. I live in Panama city now but I had this problem with this server in Tampa as well.
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