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  1. I know this forum is about dead but this is my home stomping grounds. For anyone able hit up the folding because they have prioritized for the Corona virus. This is the real reason this project was started and it is something that can have a immediate impact on all of our lives. So those who haven't folded in awhile, kick it back up again and lets knock this virus out.
  2. I had that same error. It happened to me because I updated my drivers. I think it could of been avoided if I had paused it before the update. Not sure. Just realized I responded to a ancient post.....
  3. This card is a monster. If I wasn't gaming so much I think I could do about 350k ppd.
  4. Is it the standalone or the MOD? The SA is alpha and does not play well on most systems as it has not been optimized. I heard massive systems struggle at 20 fps in cities. They have many tweaks online that you can go to. The best boost is dropping the viewable distance. You dont need to see as far as that game allows. Most of the settings are in a cfg file in the game directory. http://dayzintel.com/dayz-guides/dayz-standalone-performance-guide
  5. Isn't that illegal? Why can they load malware on our pcs but others get arrested? Could we at least sue for damages?
  6. Im glad I don't use webcams either. But this guy is SO clever. Thankfully he is on our side!
  7. OK well now I'm just confused. I thought dual channel worked very much like raid where it pulled data off both at the same time doubling the speed. But because of this it used 8 gigs of memory as 4 gigs. The last mobo I had increased my speed with dual channel but cut my memory in half unless something has changed? I have two four gig chips of g-skill. gigabyte 890fxa-ud5. CPUz reads both the memory chips just fine.
  8. I understand dual channel is faster but it cuts the amount of memory I have in half. If 4 gigs is enough to run all games then I wouldn't mind. I tried multiple different slots with the memory but it always uses dual channel. I guess I'm out of luck this board does not seem to support it. Ill just have to buy some more memory.
  9. Well I only have 4 gigs in dual channel mode. I want 8. Memory being faster don't help if the game needs more =/
  10. I have a gigabyte 89ofxa-ud5 motherboard and I bought two sticks of 4gig memory. On this motherboard I can't turn off dual channel. I can't find it in the bios. I tried changing the memory slots but that didn't help. Anyone know how to turn it off? Will games even use more then 4gigs?
  11. Yea thats what I just recently got for my g/f. I bought a dual core but only could unlock one extra core. Still haven't tried to OC this cpu yet. But the cpu at stock speeds is stable as a rock.
  12. I recently got Guitar Hero 5 and I can barely play on medium. I too was wondering if I was simply getting too old as well...lol
  13. How would the filter even work? People would just change words. like pr0n..lol ...Plus they dont have the technology to filter images very well. Although they are very close thanks to Google. Even when they can they would need some hella servers to scan all of them that go threw. "In a filing with the FCC, T-Mobile said that its own testing has shown that allocating the AWS-3 spectrum as Martin proposed would interfere with its own licenses in the neighboring AWS-1 band. The carrier recommended that AWS-3 licenses be limited to downlink transmissions, which would create a one-way network
  14. Because of piracy I am seeing fewer and fewer high quality games for PC. Things like steam are a great idea. Most games I don't need a code. Don't need to add a nocd. Also I don't ever have to worry about losing the CD. It fixes all things I have hated about games. It does indeed have its flaws but its still WAY better then the latter. I think programs like steam will help piracy a lot. Loading some chip onto a motherboard won't change much. How many times have you heard they were going to stop piracy and it takes the hackers just a few days to get threw?
  15. Although I do think this is kind of cool but isn't it a bit dangerous? I liked the fact the Bios were small because then you have less of a chance of something going wrong. That is the base of everything and if something goes wrong with that there isn't much you can do except send the bios chip back. Also being able to access the internet with bios seems dangerous as hell too. People could target it and cripple your PC. If you OS goes out you can just reformat. If your bios gets takin out that is a much bigger problem.
  16. Just because the game is easy to run on most PCs does not change the fact it is video card dependent. I always can tell the difference because I always seem to end up with a high end card but a low end CPU.
  17. That game is very video card dependent. My cpu is only a amd64 at 2ghz with a x1900xtx and I can max out every single setting in my drivers as well as in game and run 75fps. So you could drop the CPU down a bit to put more into the video card and you will be fine.
  18. I made a TON of money off everquest2 till I get burned out. I didn't sell many charactors tho. I sold mostly platinum (ingame money) I was one of the first woodworkers on my server and I had so much cash everytime someone else would come into the market I would underbid them so low id lose money till they left then I would jack up my prices again. In the end on was the only woodworker on the top two tiers I once went to a raid with over 50 people and everyone I checked had at least one piece of my equipment on =) But eventually it becomes work and so horridly boring its just not
  19. Ya but technically if you patent certain methods that adds pop up you could legally attack spyware makers right?
  20. Well since were talking about ATI drivers and video cards I would assume you would be as well.
  21. Yes all you have to do is go to any store and you will realize at least 75% of the games are in Directx. I don't know where they got those statistics from. Maybe they were referring to "overall computing". As far as PC GAMING GOES Directx is the clear leader when it comes to amount of games available.
  22. I know the 2d acceleration in Sabayon is not working because Sabayon said so themselves. DirectX in the most used as far as PCs go hands down. So ATI focuses on this more. Its about money. As far as Opengl goes its not like ATI does not work with it. Just Nvidia does it better. I have a lousy 512 ram on my system and push over 70 fps on doom3 at max settings. Why do I need more then that anyway?
  23. When you say ATI has crappy drivers are you just refering to Linux or overall? As far as windows goes ATIs drivers are wonderful. Me and my girlfriend have PCs. Its not intentional but one always ends up with ATI and the other with Nvidia. Never once did I have a problem with one card and not the other. The only thing that ATI lacks is good opengl acceleration. ATI used to have horrible drivers but thats not the case anymore yet it seems over time the claim has not faded as it should. ATI on Linux has improved a hell of a lot too. Before I had to fight and fight to get my ATi dr
  24. I remember hearing a rumor a long time ago but I didn't think it was going to pan out. Maybe now my x1900xtx will play nice with Linux. I STILL DON'T HAVE 2D acceleration.....
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