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  1. I know this forum is about dead but this is my home stomping grounds. For anyone able hit up the folding because they have prioritized for the Corona virus. This is the real reason this project was started and it is something that can have a immediate impact on all of our lives. So those who haven't folded in awhile, kick it back up again and lets knock this virus out.
  2. I had that same error. It happened to me because I updated my drivers. I think it could of been avoided if I had paused it before the update. Not sure. Just realized I responded to a ancient post.....
  3. This card is a monster. If I wasn't gaming so much I think I could do about 350k ppd.
  4. Is it the standalone or the MOD? The SA is alpha and does not play well on most systems as it has not been optimized. I heard massive systems struggle at 20 fps in cities. They have many tweaks online that you can go to. The best boost is dropping the viewable distance. You dont need to see as far as that game allows. Most of the settings are in a cfg file in the game directory. http://dayzintel.com/dayz-guides/dayz-standalone-performance-guide
  5. Come to FL ill let you sleep on my couch!
  6. There were three people on an airplane. One was Thomas Jefferson. One was George Bush. And the last was Bill Clinton. They opened up the airplane door and Thomas Jefferson threw out a 100 dollar bill and said "I just saved a family!" George Bush looked at Jefferson and then threw out 2 100 dollar bills. He then said, "I just saved TWO families!" Bill Clinton looked at Thomas Jefferson then at George. He sighed and pushed George Bush off the plane and said "I just saved the world!
  7. Since no one is answering this ill give it a shot. I dont know of any process that is called "system SYSTEM" Im thinkin it may be spyware. So run a spyware and anti virus first to make sure that your clean. I wonder why that process dont show up on the test. Also dont be too afraid to shut down processes. The worst that can happen is windows get mad because you shut down a vital process and it will begin a timer to force you to shut down. But of course dont just go shuttin down processes for fun Maybe some one else will help you further.
  8. I haven't tried the lick finger. Thinkin back its stupid of me NOT to try that. I would think they are BSing but this has happend to me all my life. So I seriously doubt ALL those people are BSing me. Ill just keep googlin.
  9. No this is a CONSTANT volt. I can touch it any time of the day, rain or shine. It don't matter if they touch it over 30 times I come over and feel it. If its light(something I cant handle) it will run about from my knuckles to my wrist. Ive had it go all the way up to my elbow. A constant feel of volt going thru me. Not a single pop like static. If it runs up to my elbow I can't keep it on long because it hurts too bad at the point of contact.
  10. Ive tried touching what shocked me and touched others because ive heard that the person on the end of the chain felt it more. When I touch the person I feel less shock but they dont feel a thing. I tried to google it but have no clue what to put in for a question like that. The thing is some of the objects shouldn't shock me. The flag pole was drilled into a wooden house. If it hit a wire EVERYONE would feel it so its not hittin anything. Just don't make any sense. If its a wide surface I can place one finger then place the rest and I can feel the volt divide itself among my fingers. In other words the shock is less but now spread out among all my fingers. So its got to be real? I dont get shocked when I touch electrical cords of any other kind of hardware. However I have taken out a video card and memory by zappin the memory one way or another. Even tho I don't believe I touched the memory. PLUS I had on a ground strap.
  11. Is it possible for one person to be shocked by something and the other can't if you both have the same exact ground? Several times in my life I have been shocked by things when no one else could. I even have them take off their shoes. When I take mine off I get shocked more and they still don't feel a thing. Their was a flag pole that if I touched it shocked me. I constant volt going thru my fingers so strong I could BARELY keep my hand on it. But when I ask others to touch it they don't feel anything. I even closed my eyes and I had my friends lay my hand on something else then the actual object because it was so funky that I thought it was in my head. It happened again with my friends washer. He told me to turn it on and it was shocking me so bad I couldn't turn it on. He turned it on and didn't feel anything. He then told me some people have more electricity(sp?) flowin thru them. It sounds like a load of crap off that movie "Powder" but hey in a way it makes sense. Ever hear of this problem? Maybe I should stop eating nails
  12. "The shocking picture showed the once pretty, 19-year-old APU student bloated and bleeding after she took a batch of "rogue" high-strength tablets"
  13. Doesn't it seem odd the very first test with weed came back with brain cell damage and all the tests that i found afterward showed no cell damage what so ever? Then you have another yet again paid by the govt and this time it was wrong again? At one point they said the serotonin(sp?) loss was at 80% when the new test was done the said the average was 5%. Tests are whacky at times but those numbers are WAY different.
  14. I posted the video at the top now chop you can see some of the issues there. I forgot the link on both my posts. Maybe MDMA affects your ability to multitask or my autism could be to blame I understand the dangers of this just because of the fact it makes you feel so damn good. Not only that but afterward it does leave you feeling depressed. This is the reason it was made illegal. But the govt then pays a scientist to do some tests and all of them are WAY overboard with the actual effects. Then they wonder why the youth dont listen to them. Its alot harder to lie to youth these days. The internet is a mass of information at your fingertips
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