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    windows xp media compaq presario, sp2, amd 64 proc, 3500+ 1.79 GHz 448 mb ram wireless cable connc
  1. Yes it was, exactly !! It was in a bundle of software for HP Games that was on the computer from day one I went and did a destructive recovery per the HP tech..and it still found that trojan..This was the scan from that ===== PC Pitstop Exterminate ====== Started: Thu Feb 22 09:38:18 2007 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2; 447MB RAM Engine : DATs : : Could not open ppinfo.dat. Finished: Thu Feb 22 09:39:25 2007 ====== EXIT ====== ====== PC Pitstop Exterminate ====== Started: Thu Feb 22 09:40:06 2007 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2; 447M
  2. I went ahead and did a reformat on this computer to wipe out everything because of the blue screens errors.. I installed pc pit stop right away and it still is telling me there is a trojan32.ftp attack?? This is a hp compaq presario computer, could there be something bundled in the software?
  3. Okay I will try safe mode, didnt think of that..Thanks for the help!! I also posted same thing under the hi-0jack logs with a hich jack log file posted.. Sorry if I did it wrong!
  4. I just bought pc exterminate, and did a scan..it found trojan win32 ftp .attack I turned off system restore, and had ran the scan again and then had exterminate "fix it" I rebooted, scanned again and it was still there.. windows xp sp2 spybot search and destroy found nothing, ad ware found nothing..both had updates before scanning.. pc exterminate was updated and still found it even tho it should have been "fixed" Here is my hi-jack log Thank you for your time!!!!!!!! and your assistance!! Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 1:43:17 PM, on 2/21/2007 Platfo
  5. I disabled system restore, ran the scan, had exterminate "fix" the trojan it found, but it keeps coming back
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