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  1. My hard drive is not making any kind of clicking noises right now. My guess would be either the fan in the back or the power supply. I haven't looked at the inside in detail to see if there is any dust or something lose or something else. I live in a two story house. My pc is upstairs and the upstairs is warmer then the downstairs because it's closer to the sun. Would a temperature in the environment cause the issue?
  2. Are there any devices that should not be real close to a pc. I have a widescreen monitor that is only a few inches from the tower and a land phone that is only an inch from the tower. I don't think that my hard drive is about to fail because I haven't noticed anything odd that would indicate a hard drive failure.
  3. Are there other issues that might cause a whirling sound on a pc?
  4. My desktop is from 2003. The only thing that I have on the cpu is a heatsink. No fan on top. There is a green cover that goes directly to a fan on the back of the case. I have an integrated video card. No fan on that.
  5. My fans are not thermally controlled.
  6. Does the temperature of the room have to do with the issue?
  7. My fans are made out of plastic. I never forget to remove any cds from the drive.
  8. The fans were not covered in dust. They spin at full speed and there is air coming out of the back. The fans were not cracked at all. I took a can of air and squirted the power supply vents.
  9. Today my desktop computer sounds like a whirlpool. There is no dust on the outside and I just checked for dust on the inside. I'm running windows xp. Other then cleaning out dust, what else can I check?
  10. I just downloaded and installed internet explorer 8 after using version 7 for some time. My default windows xp installation has version 6. My question is if I reinstalled windows xp home edition and then I started to update windows, would I go from version 6 to version 7 to version 8 or would I skip version 7 and go straight to version 8?
  11. I already know how to reinstall windows xp as well as update window xp, install drivers and software.
  12. Thanks for the info.
  13. I last installed xp in 2007. I haven't done a reinstall yet. I'm thinking that my installation is starting to show it's age, but unless it gets messed up left and right, I don't plan to reinstall.
  14. The last time that I reinstalled XP was in 2007, not that long ago. However when I did the reinstall, I didn't add a firewall or virus scanner until later which was not a good idea with a high speed internet connection and then around december of 2007, my onboard NIC went out and I ended up adding a USB to ethernet adapter because if my eithernet cable was directly attached to my NIC, windows would not even recognize it. Nowadays, when I boot up to xp, my computer stays at the welcome screen longer then it should. I do backup my data every Sunday to an external hard drive. If I can't replace it off of a disc or off of the web, I back it up. Sometimes installations can go bad in a few years time. What do you mean by your question?
  15. Is there an answer to my first question or is just when you feel that you need to?
  16. So if I made a backup of the favorites folder, then I reformatted. All I would need to do would be to restore the favorites folder and my bookmarks would be listed under favorites?
  17. Is there a way that I can make a backup of my existing booksmarks in either IE or FF?
  18. I have firefox. How do I backup my bookmarks online?
  19. 1) Are there any general signs that windows xp will have to be reinstalled? Is there anything to look for? My windows xp installation is ok, except for the fact that when I boot to windows, it stays at welcome for a few seconds and loading up the desktop takes longer then it might on other machines. At some point last year, my onboard NIC went out and I have used a USB to eithernet adapter to connect to the internet. 2) Is there a way to save bookmarked websites in internet explorer 7?
  20. That is very kind of you to submit the links. I ran a scan with AVG 8.5 to scan for viruses, spyware, etc. Even though the scan reported no infection, it did find this. File C:\WINDOWS\base64.exe infection runtime packed mew The latest scan says that I have no spyware. Does that mean that I don't have any spyware at all or just not any spyware dectected by the scan? Should I turn off the indexing search option?
  21. I use AVG which is pretty good.
  22. I'm sorry. I edited my second to last post.
  23. Ok, then I'll just stick with what I'm doing. Here are the latest results from the scan. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=21902098 One other question that I have is if you have a malware or spyware infection of some kind, does the scan pick that up as well or would you have to run something else?
  24. Are there any other scans that I could do that might be the cause of my issue? I didn't realize that I had so many programs starting up with windows that I really didn't need. Looking at my software process list, I have a sun java update. Directly to the left of the text, therer is a symbol of what looks like a stopwatch. A tooltip says that sun java update was removed by pcpitstop optimize. What does that mean?
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