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  1. This is what im running right now. 3.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 ([email protected]) Intel i925X 2048 MB RAM (4x512 DDR2-SDRAM) Geforce 7800GT 600 power source XP Home Edition Edit: LOL! omg that youtube video was funny! Now thats an installation I might be able to handle. Well If I was just going to wipe my computer and reinstall XP do you guys know of any good guides that could help me?
  2. I will be upgrading to vista and would like to do it myself. I have never did this before but I have read that it is good for your PC performance to start over every so often from a clean slate. Anyone know a good guide on how to go about uninstalling XP and installing Vista? For a noob... thanks
  3. Hello everyone I ran across your site just the otherr day and have found alot of info to tweak my PC to run smoother. I am going to post my test results soon and hope I can get some good feedback. Again thanks for the great website. ~Chris
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