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  1. Well somthing is wrong lol.. I installed all drivers as listed.. Windows is up but it will not connect to the internet. I installed the driver for the DSL adapter, ethernet adapter.. I am not connected to a router just have Zone alarm on.. I went to my connection properties and it says I am connected but it will not go on.. I keep getting cannot display web page etc. Am I missing somthing? I dont need the sbc yahoo cd do I? , its nice and fast too. Even oc'd it a little I think lol... Helllllp
  2. ok time to get this pc off the DSL line. The other pc is ready. At least for a preliminary test. See ya guys in about 3 minutes.
  3. ok.. thanks.. Got it off, got everything in the case, will have to work on wire management Loading Windows as I type. Got past the F6 it loaded it through the floppy. Have not seen it go so fast. I remember loading windows on this thing took 59 minutes.. This says only 10 minutes left. Will load all the drivers and post a quick test to see if anything is out of the ordinary. Was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Wish me luck.
  4. great maybe we can overclock together lol... You say the e6600 is that different from the one I have? Mine is the 6600 but not the extreme. Ya I took out the heatsink (which I hope fits in the case) gotta be 4 inches lol. And noticed where it planes the cpu it already has the thermal paste on it. Was just making sure it wont hurt if I put the AS on the cpu as well.
  5. Congrats.. I myself am doing the same thing..But my son is only 5.. Trying to keep himn out of my den for life of me lol. All he wants to do is touch everything. Which I understand, wish I can exploit his knowledge for the good. But he does know how to get to noggin.com on his own. Hope that is good. As I am no expert as well, hope that PSU is powerful enough. I am pretty sure mine is 750 watts but better overkill than under I spose?
  6. Oki well got everyting now.. Gotta say dang.. I did not know the case was that big.. Puts this e-machine's case to shame Now I noticed the cpu heatsink and fan I orderd (Freezer 64) has thermal paste on it already. Should I still use the Arctic silver on the cpu? By the way want to thank all you guys. This thing is going to look sweet. Like the black hard drives. The video card is humoungous as well.
  7. Will I be to use water cooling with my case? Dont want to do it now but when I get really involved and learn a little more.. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16811112122 Just noticed it comes with 2 psu holders.. Y did not see that before..
  8. then why not get Vista? I would stick with XP pro. But thats a choice you have to make
  9. the 64 bit version, is just that. It utilizes the 64 bit cpu's and programs. But I dont think anything utilizes 64 bit now anyway
  10. thanks caintry_boy.. I have one in this emachine so wont have to spend that 10 bucks lol.. I forgot there was one in this box. Will they ever be outdated lol..
  11. outdated maybe, but it will still be able to run all programs available? Am I wrong in saying that? I just spent allot of money on my stuff, hoping it will last me at least 2 years maybe three.
  12. Mramd I already have the evga 680i.. I looked at the box.. I think either Allen or Caintry_boy suggested it. I looked in my bought items through newegg and it says the same thing.. My mistake.. Well just orderd everything. Made me sweat ordering it lol.. Gonna give this to the wife as a cusion.. Thanks you guys for all the help. I am sure I will have a question or 2 when I start puting the box together.. One question though..As I am reading about raid it says that I will need a floppy for the driver.. Do I need to get a floppy drive as well or can I use my thumb drive to hold the
  13. Yes. I am doing it for the first time as well. It gives you the feeliong of ahh I did it. I think as I have not got all the parts yet. But it is a nice feeling thus far.. And caintry_boy is correct. I have that cpu and it seems to be a very good pick
  14. I havce only had it about a week. But opend and pretty sure there is nothing wrong with it.. Cant hook it up yet.. thanks..
  15. I already have the motherboard..Cpu and the ram at my home.. Plus I opend the board.. Could I still send it back?
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