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  1. It's not just the overdrive test,the pitstop site is starting to look like a badware site.Those flash widgets that crash some web browsers don't help.

    I have to say, I agree with you there. If I didn't know PC Pitstop, I would be more than a little suspicious just after seeing the main page. It's crammed with ads, and never fails to make my browser (both IE 8 and Firefox 3) crash if I linger there too long.


    I'd just like to see everything toned down a bit. PC Pitstop is really starting to look a bit like one of those dubious software sites that constantly shoves their products in your face.


    I miss the simpler days of the Pit. :geezer:

  2. Why is it called "Summer Wars" if it starts in September? :blink:





































    I'm in!


    AW9D-Max (upgrading)

    Q6600 on water

    HD 3870

    4gb Corsair XMS2

    2 Raptors in RAID 0


    I can throw together a second rig, if needed. All I'm missing is a PSU, but I'm sure I can dig one up somewhere.

  3. So, I'm about ready for my next upgrades, and I've decided on a new motherboard and waterblock. Since I'm a little behind on the times, I thought I'd ask you experts what's best.

    The motherboard needs to be a beastly overclocker (obviously), and support crossfire. I also need lots of USB ports, and FireWire.


    As for the waterblock, I was looking at the Swiftech Apogee GT. Any opinions on this one, or better alternatives?


    Thanks in advance. :)

  4. With all the eye candy turned off, and unnecessary background processes and services stopped, Vista works fine on older machines. But without eye candy, what's the point? :mrgreen:


    Seriously though, I think with a new video card, and possibly a RAM upgrade (RAM is cheap, and makes a huge difference with Vista), you should be just fine.

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