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    Well I was banned from a PC forum called Tech Support and I don't think it should have happened. I simply posted a link to a nice game. I was banned with no warning,nothing BANNED FOR LIFE. I was told there were links on the page to porn. Heck I wasn't even aware of that. BTW I found the link at Worldstart another PC help forum. Yes they had their reasons albeit unfair ones.



    They probably won't ban your IP address for that sort of thing. You could just create another account.
  2. I don't have SP1 yet.


    I'm thinking it's something on the software end. If one of the drives was bad, I would be having a lot more problems. Intel Matrix hasn't given me another warning, and the CHKDSK didn't find anything wrong. So if nothing else comes up, I'll forget this all ever happened.


    Thanks for the help. :)

  3. I was just browsing the Pit a few minutes ago, when Intel Matrix Storage Manager came up to say that I have an error in a RAID 0 volume, and I should back up my data ASAP. Now I'm not worried about my data; this is a fresh install of Windows, and most of my files still haven't been transferred back. What I'm worried about is my Raptors. Does anyone have experience with this?


    Windows is running fine still, and I'm in the process of "Verifying" the volume through the Matrix Manager. After that, I'll do a CHKDSK, and pray to Zeus that it comes out error-free.

  4. The cost to ship one of those big heavy monsters makes them almost not worth selling. I sold a few of them before on ebay, but they're more trouble than they're worth in my opinion.


    I would recommend looking for a reliable recycler to get rid of them.

  5. After typing regsvr32 /u pcpitstop.dll, I get this:


    Posted Image

    Every site I've been to says running cmd as administrator will solve it, but it doesn't for me.


    But that's probably a whole different issue. I managed to kill the activeX with HijackThis and reinstall it, and the test still doesn't work.

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