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  1. I decided I needed better cooling when I realized I could fry bacon at the bottom of my case. While useful for snacks, it certainly isn't good for the hardware...


    My current case is small, cramped, hot, terrible for cable management, and an overall P.I.T.A. And my water cooling came in a cheap $150 kit. So I think those are the two main things that need replacing. I've got no idea what I'm getting, which is why I came here.


    For the case, I would like something opposite of what I have now. I'm looking for something:

    • Big
    • Good for cable management
    • looks good (also, I want a window) :hammer: .
    • cold as ice!

    I also need a new radiator, and a waterblock. My pump is still good enough, at least for now.


    Thank you in advance.

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