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  1. that AMD is better then my Penitum?


    Yes. With my old P4, I pushed it to 3.9ghz and could barely score 2,000. Same specs as I have in my sig, but with a P4 CPU and only one raptor. The Pentium 4 just doesn't score well on the Pit test, or much else for that matter.


    It's a good CPU though, just not a master performer. My advice to boost your score, overclock overclock overclock! Your RAM is at 5120 MB/s . What speed is it rated for and what is it running at?


    And you should be able to push that CPU to 4ghz and beyond. And what is causing that 45% CPU load while you're testing?

  2. Your links don't work, it looks like you didn't publish your results.....

    The Project Manager shows a list of your submitted projects. For each project, there is a checkbox labeled Published. By checking this box, you "publish" that project, allowing other users to examine your project details.

    Just publish those, and it should give links to them.

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