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  1. I wana buy some coolant, not make my own. I have bad luck at cooking.


    I made cereal and the house caught on fire. :lol:


    How much does black coolant go for



    For some reason, I can't find any black coolant. Probably around $10-$20 +shipping though. You can mix a gallon of coolant for not much more than the price of buying half a liter of pre-made stuff. No cooking involved, unless you don't put the water block on right..... :thud:

  2. Update for better score



    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 (not QX6700)

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P

    eVGA 8800 Ultra (single card, no SLI)

    2 GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-6400


    3dMark05 --- 23154



    3dMark06 --- 16079



    PCMark05 --- 13203



    Total 52436


    :cop:52,436 :clap::tup:

  3. Hi everyone :adios:

    There are always websites that you don't trust with your real email address for whatever reason. Or those sites that by default sign you up for their newsletters or advertising. Or people who you don't want to email you back........


    Trashmail.net lets you create a free, disposable email address that can forward stuff to your real one. You can set the number of forwards from one to 10,000, and because it is disposable you must also set the account's lifespan from one day to six months. And trashmail automatically rejects spam, newsletters, etc. It also has the option of challenge-response spam filtering. You can send email too. As far as I know, there are no limits on the number of Trashmail addresses you can create.


    It takes less than 10 seconds to create a trashmail address on their website, but you can bring that down to about three if you use Firefox. With this add-on, you can simply right click in a text box and click "Paste Disposable Address" to bring up a window with a few options. Some sites won't allow you to sign up with an @Trashmail.net address, so the extension lets you chose between @trashmail.net and three other sites. Here's a screenshot.....

    Posted Image


    I have been using Trashmail for a while now, and just thought I should share it.



  4. Yes it is! :banana2::banana2::banana2::banana2::banana2::banana2:

    I actually think this may end up being better. It will save the AutoPatcher team a lot of time, they won't have to work out a new release each month, and you can get stuff as it becomes available. And they will be able to focus more work on registry tweaks and other fun stuff.

  5. Some updated scores.


    http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=3121025 3dmark06


    3dmark 05







    @el-kid I just updated my score but had to do it twice :unsure:

    The first time it didnt take? so i did the same thing a second time and it took.







    Total--28,190 :tup:

  6. does this work for french class? B)


    Not really, I use Google for conjugation sometimes, but no online translator can put together a sentence correctly. It gets quite a few words wrong.'



    And here's what I just said in "Japanese"


    実際に、私は活用のためにGoogleを時々使用する、オンライン訳者は文を正しくまとめることができない。 それはかなりの数の単語を間違った得る。

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