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  1. Ok, this is almost definitely hardware. Sounds like RAM would be the first thing to test, first download Memtest86+ from >>Here<< . You will need to burn it as an ISO to a CD, so use an ISO burning program like >>ImgBurn<<. Then boot from the CD. You may have to configure it to boot from the CD in the BIOS, if you don't know how to do that here's a general guide: <<>><<>>.


    Note: It is best for Memtest86 to run a long time to make sure it checks your RAM thoroughly. I would recommend around 12 hours, so it might be best to just set it up so it does it overnight.

    Let me know what it finds........A single error probably means a bad stick of RAM.

  2. Well, according to Microsoft and some other sites, that error only exists on Windows 2000. :huh: I think since you have the CD, a repair install of Windows XP would be the easiest step, and might just solve the problem. A repair install does not erase your hard drive, and should leave your personal files intact, but it reinstalls the whole operating system so you will lose Windows Updates, and some tweaks you may have done. However, I would strongly advise backing up your personal files to an external hard drive or some CDs/DVDs if you have them, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong...........


    Here's a good guide on doing the repair install, you might want to print it out unless you have another PC with an internet connection. If you have any questions or you are uncertain about anything, ask.



  3. I may just be shooting in the dark here, but let's see if some Windows system files are corrupted or gone. First you need the Windows XP installation CD, if you don't have one see if there is someone you can borrow it from. Hopefully you can get one.........


    Put the CD in your drive. Now go back to the command prompt and type in sfc /scannow. This will check out all your system files, and replace any bad ones. See if that helps, again I'm just throwing out fixes that might be the solution.

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