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  1. Sometimes when a laptop is running on batteries it will try to save power by making everything slower. Although this probably isn't the whole problem, try plugging it in for testing. Also, have you checked your battery to see if it is one of the explosive ones Dell is recalling. Some Inspiron 8600s have those batteries. I wouldn't be surprised if a weak, overheating battery is causing this.

  2. Sorry. Forgot about that :)

    You need to get the bookmarks from the file. Go to My computer-C-documents and settings-your username

    Now you need to go to the tools menu and click folder options. Click on the view tab and select show hidden files and folders. now click on application data-mozilla-firefox-profiles-your profile(whatever profile is in there is probably yours)-now take the file called bookmarks (you can also take the extensions folder if you want) and copy them to another location. When you have FF2 or a fresh install you can import the bookmarks file and all of your bookmarks should be there. You can also take the contents of the extension folder and put them in the new extension folder and they will work too (if they are FF2 compatible). I was doing this on FF2 so if there are any differences let me know :)

  3. :wp:

    You can't get any better than custom built. I found a sweet deal on 2 gigs or ddr2-800 corsair memory. This stuff is amazing gaming RAM. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...25-5&ps=ho1

    You save $30 from the Newegg price. Don't have much experience with other gaming comp parts since my system is a rehabilitated dell (I wanna kill myself for buying from them 2 years ago). Good luck building your son's comp. You may get too attached to it and want to keep it for yourself :)

  4. I had exact same problem reinstalling XP on my comp. I tried installing 5 or 6 times with the xp disk that came with my dell (it has been upgraded so much it isn't a dell anymore). It turned out it was a weak and dying Power supply. Go to http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp and plug in your system config to get how many watts your power supply needs. Chances are if it's a dell computer your power supply was too weak to begin with.

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