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  1. what get out of banning free cards are being handed out, I might need one just in case. Sorta like a get out of jail free card in monopoly.


    Sounds like Bb got the ban card.


    Go directly out of pcpitstop

    do not pass go

    do not collect 200

  2. you are sooo right joe.


    just last week, i posted in a thread about naming computers...that my desktop and laptop are named "eat me" and "bite me".


    within 10 minutes, an admin edited my post and deleted the names of my computers.


    yet an administrator is allowed to hurl an obvious insult (i guess "bait" would be a better description) at a member and it is allowed? ....WTH? :blink:


    Eat me and bite me get censored. :blink:


    Why ?


    Come on admins, just let people talk :angry:

  3. i also did the power supply calculator and i think i got 211w or sumthing. i dont know what power supply i have currently though. its not a dell.


    You're gonna need to look inside to find what it is. Open up your case, the power supply is the box in the back with wires coming out of it. It should say on the side of it how many watts it is :geezer:

    This same kind of problem happened to me before and it turned out to be bad power supply.

  4. I think you need to burn the .iso file to a CD and boot from it. There is a good tutorial on how to do all of this here. I would recommend using the free trial version of Alcohol 120% if you don't have a program that will burn .isos. I would recommend running the test overnight. If it finds a single error then you have a bad stick of ram :geezer:

  5. Thanks .

    Out of the things that I could match up , I ended up with this number 185 watts




    That seems about right. I need to know how many watts your current power supply is. Could you open up your computer and look at the power supply. It should say the amount of watts on a label on it :geezer:

    Also how long have you had your computer?

  6. But most people shouldn't know this cause they will be unable to retrieve the file if they regret deleting it!


    You can use a file un-erasing program but a lot of the time you can't recover the whole file with that :geezer:
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