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  1. I agree with everyone but 1 and 4. AVG has weak detection rates, and Avast & AntiVir XP are far better.


    Didn't notice that. AVG anti-spyware works great. AVG anti-virus doesn't work as well. Avira is the best anti-virus in my opinion.
  2. Thats a flawed statement. Killers are killers no matter what rights or laws they have. Just because somebody owns a gun does not make them a killer, just simply makes them a gun owner. But I guess then, by your statement, if I wear a cammo BDU I am a soldier, regardless of my not enlisting into the armed forces or having and kind of training in combat.


    stereotypes do nobody any good, only oppresses the law abiding citezens. (not to be confused with profiling)


    I didn't say everyone would be killers. But there are people who if they had a gun with them might use it in a moment of passion.
  3. Wigan, I believe just the opposite. If every student in that college would have been armed with a hand gun, I don't think this guy would have made it to 30.


    If every student had a gun, there would be more killers.
  4. Auslogics worked great for me on XP, but when I switched to Vista it wouldn't defrag well at all. Windows defragger actually worked better. I don't know what the problem was, but I got JKDefrag and it works fine.

  5. Pentium is a nono. You want dual core. Intel C2D is the best, but not by a whole lot. AMD A64 X2 is not much worse, but much cheaper. I am thinking of switching over to AMD from intel because of price. Of course, your CPU is personal choice. For the video card I couldn't say. Mine is a piece of crap so take advice from someone else. Get a good quality PSU. Wattage isn't everything, do your research first. I would suggest 2gb of nice Gaming RAM. DDR2-800 would be great. I would recommend Corsair, but again RAM is another thing that is personal choice. If you want a new hard drive I would suggest a WD raptor. These things are amazing. A hard drive can be a huge bottleneck in performance.

  6. Gaming PCs can get expensive. You're gonna want a new PSU, My guess is a new mobo and cpu. You're using an AGP video card so I would suggest a new one of those that is PCI-Express. And finally You might want some DDR2 RAM. Also you may have compatibility issues. I just went through trying to upgrade the motherboard and case on my dell and basically ended up having to buy a whole new computer.

  7. could you elaborate on the reasons for this and what its going to accomplish

    also - welcome back BB


    I can see why political debates cause arguments but general discussions should stay. This just means we will be going off topic more in other threads to have general discussions.
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