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  1. Duanester, you are far from old school. If anyone comes into my place, they'll be met by a man with a medieval longsword in one hand and a french army sabre in another.


    Or possibly a bow and arrow. I've got a few of those too. :rofl2:

  2. I got a giggle...


    Warning: This product contains...uh...Silver!


    • If ingested, you may choke... so just don't do that.


    • If contact with skin occurs, smile... you're holding silver!


    • AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES! If contact with eyes occurs... wait, why are you shoving metal coils into your eyes?

    I'll have to pick up something along those lines...thanks! :b33r:

  3. I'd love to see them open back up in my area.

    The only options now are...............nada, none, zlich. There are no "computer hardware" stores.


    Comp USA was a great place.

    I'm in the same situation. The ones here usually have poor selection, and are overpriced beyond the point where I can justify buying.

  4. http://www.castlecops.com/


    Greetings Folks,


    You have arrived at the CastleCops website, which is currently offline. It has been our pleasure to investigate online crime and volunteer with our virtual family to assist with your computer needs and make the Internet a safer place. Unfortunately, all things come to an end. Keep up the good fight folks, for the spirit of this community lies within each of us. We are empowered to improve the safety and security of the Internet in our own way. Let us feel blessed for the impact we made and the relationships created.


    With respect to the server marathon, by March 17 2009 CastleCops will refund contributions made through PayPal that were specifically designated for servers. Unfortunately, server donations made via check cannot be returned because we do not have the addresses for the donating entity. Unless instructed otherwise, CastleCops will re-allocate these funds as a donation to the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC.org). This organization sponsored our hosting environment for approximately the past 2 years. Please contact us [cc at laudanski dot com] before March 17, 2009, if you would like a return of your server marathon donation. Otherwise, we would like to thank the ISC for their unfettered support.


    We thank everyone in creating our unique footprint and memories in time.


    Love, Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, CastleCops

    PST 23 Dec 2008

    A sad day for Malware Fighters everywhere...


    And right when I was analyzing a HijackThis log too. Without the CastleCops databases, it's going to be a lot harder...

  5. Ok sir, first put your name also in the 3dmark01 score please.


    Aquamark you missing an additional screenshot with the score on the browser w/ 2 cpu-z and 1 gpu-z shots and timestamp.

    Click on the thumbnail, right under the link to the score.

    Wprime please get a screenshot, just like super pi, w/ the program and 2 cpu-z shots with timestamp.

    Here ya go: Posted Image

    Oh and Simon, is your motherboard underclocking, your Q6600 seems to be running at 1.6ghz..

    It throttles when it's idle. As soon as I put a load on it, it goes back up to 2.4.
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