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  1. It looks like the problem is with my computer it is slow. Not to the point where it is a big problem, just to the point where it gets annoying. Thank you for help, Lora
  2. There is another problem that might be causing the fragment error. Here is the other problem: The maximum size of your Internet Explorer browser cache is 313 megabytes. This is a larger value than we recommend. I have my cache on lowest setting possible. Thank you for help, Lora P.S. I have Internet Explorer 7.
  3. I am taking it back the problem is not gone.
  4. It looks like the problem is gone thank you.
  5. No, I have not used XP defragmenter. I have used Deskeeper. Lora
  6. Hi, I just did the test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=4PBCFWTG1XWS93SJ I had defrgmented my computer with Deeskeeper and Power Difregmentor, but I still get "Drive C has 1% of its files fragmented, and a total of 10% of its data in fragmented files. You should defragment drives as soon as possible for best performance." Thank you for help, Lora
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