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  1. Yes, I did try several different parameters on the command line, but again that was out side of Windows since I can't logon to the machine.
  2. It doesn't exactly clarify anything, but I do appreciate the reply. When I try to run the msiexec command at a command prompy, it keeps saying "the command is not recognized".
  3. Would anyone know if it has to be RUN inside of Windows? I am not able to logon to Windows due to a "local policy" problem, and am trying to install the Windows Resource Toolkit (rktools.exe) via MSIEXEC, so I can in turn adjust the security polict settings via "ntrights" in the toolkit? You guys still with me? Unfortunately, I'm dead in the water until i can figure out how to install the Windows Resource Toolkit from a command prompt. HELP!
  4. I tried F8, and figured what the hell and went for F2 and F5, also. None worked for SAFE mode, although F10 still worked to get into the BIOS. As someone mentioned, I did already go into MSCONFIG and set it to boot into SAFE mode, which worked and got me to where I needed to be. No big deal, but I was just kind of scratching my head as to why none of the Function keys for SAFE mode worked.
  5. Nothing at all happens when I repeatedly tap F8, Law. I was able to figure out to get into SAFE mode by going into the boot.ini via MSCONFIG. That solves that part, but I still don't understand why F8 isn't working. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi All~ I was working on a client machine, and for some reason cannot get into SAFE mode. It's an XP Pro/SP2 machine. The machine otherwise seems to be operating OK, but not being able to access SAFE mode has got me stumped....you know, the principle of the thing. Anyone familiar with this and what a possible solution may be? Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help and suggestions.
  8. My Task Manager won't run the dfrg.msc CMD, or any commands such as msconfig for that matter. I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and try a System restore and hope if it doesn't work, I can still get my Internet Explorer to start. If a restore doesn't work, what fo you think about me doing an XP Pro Repair?
  9. I do run a Disk Cleanuo periodically. Now get this: I tried to run SPYBOT S&D, which opened but just hangs and I can't close it, and now I can't open Task Manager. What a cluster %$!
  10. I don't see anything in task manager that would indicate anything malicious running in the background. The CPU is running at around 10% as you surmised. In Task Manager, I have 3 "Internet Explorer" processes running, although I only have 2 IE windows open if that means anything. That trojan that AVG found pointed to a file I downloaded months ago, so it probably wasn't that.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I haven't tried a system restore because I'm afraid that when it reboots, that I will lose my ability to restart Internet Explorer and get back on the Internet to get help such as yours. The system restore screen does come up, which is encouraging, but I don't know if it will work once I select a restore point. Appreciate the help buddy.
  12. Hello~ Help! Sometime last night something weird happened to my machine. I can't launch any programs, can't rick-click on any icons to view "properties", do an "open with", etc. The only reason I can even get on the web to post this is because I had Internet Explorer open at the time when the problem started happening and have not yet closed any IE windows. I've left my PC on since last night as my Internet Explorer application is the only thing left working. I can't view the Event Log either (same reason as previously stated). I ran an AVG virus scan, which found one Trojan from quite a while ago. Can somebody please help me. Not only this sucks, but it's the first day of the football season and I don't want to reboot because I'm afraid I won't be able to get back on the Internet and won't be able to follow my fantasy football teams (I know, priorities). Thanks PS......XP Pro/SP2
  13. Hello All~ I'm trying to put together a little home wireless network. My host PC is an XP Pro with a Linksys B (I know it's older) router. My second PC is an older machine running W98 SE. I've been able to establish the wireless connection and the second PC can join the network, but I can't see where my shared folders are visible from one machine to another. In other words, I have a shared Music folder on PC # 2, but I can't see it from PC #1, and vice versa. The second PC has a USB adaptor (has no NIC card in it). I'd like to be able to transfer files back and forth wirelessly, print from one PC to the other, etc. I'm obviosly missing some settings, but don't know what they are. Anyone have any pointers for me? Thanks in advance.
  14. Are you serious? I've never heard of that.
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