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  1. I am trying to run the new Pc Matic software but do not want to use the Panda anti-virus software. The help information says to un-install it from my control panel add/remove programs. However, it is not listed in my add/remove program list. I am running Vista Home Premium 64 bit on a PC Thanks for your help
  2. I get an error message when I try to access the system volume information : access denied. But when I "hover" the pop up box says folder is empty. To what email address do you want me to send my log ? Am not using Disk MD until these issues are resolved. Thanks so much for your help
  3. Thanks for the link to change the target for Disk Cleanup. Out of my log of 55 pages, only about 5 entries are from system restore. The majority are System 32 files. I have never been able to find the C:\ system volume information files and have hide files un-checked. Even after choosing to remove the last restore point using disk cleanup under XP, I still get many fragmented system restore files and could never find where they were located. Do you really want me to post all 55 pages of my log ? Thanks
  4. Thanks both Story and Intelguy, I am using version Have only run it once. Are you saying that the second time I run it that it will not have 55 pages listing the fragments? Actually both the log and the list seen in the program are the same. The second time I run it you say that the log only adds the second list of fragments. So, it the same fragments appear, then they are not listed twice? But wouldn't they be listed in the box in the program itself at the end that tells you what is still fragmented? I must be running as administrator since I am the on
  5. Somehow I got the impression from the web page for this product that it ran under Vista 64 bit. However, the first time I ran it --- I did go to disk clean up and choose to remove all previous system restores-- it took over an hour ....and that is OK it that is needed. But, when I copied and printed the list of fragmented files, there were 55 PAGES ! Most of these were in system32 and most were only 1 fragment. BUT, I am thinking that something is wrong to have THAT MANY PAGES. So, maybe this program is not compatible with Vista 64 bit? Thanks for any help .
  6. Since you don't offer a trial, I cannot tell what I can pick and choose to clean. The first part of the program does not say, and you cannot go any further without purchasing. I own 2-3 of your products and this is the first time I have had a problem knowing what I am goin g to get when I purchase the program. I also have other "cleanup" programs and DON'T want to duplicate. Erase has some features that I would like to use, but I don't want all erased. I want to pick and choose , and not just for the cookies.
  7. What I meant was the humpngous list that is in add/remove programs. How do I know which I don't need ?? But they are already installed I don't use the remote services, for example, and there have been a lot of updates that the knowledge base says we "must" have. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks
  8. Is there an easy way to double check those automatic updates that are still sitting on my system?
  9. I was told by Toshiba to "uncheck" automatic updates because downloading them did make your log on time longer. The explanation was that there are many updates not needed by all persons, and that each time you log on, some of the updates for programs you do not use searches for the program during log on and this makes log on slower. Is anyone on this page familiar with what was told to me by Toshiba? And, does the advice sound correct?
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