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    <br /> I build home/ office PCs. Recently I've started assembling high performance gaming PCs. They're a lot more fun!!! I work on PCs from several different companies along with some people that I know or people that are referred to me. I will soon do this primarily when I finish my computer engineering degree. I enjoy computers inside and out like some people do with sports cars. Computers were always fascinating to me.

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    Alpha. NZXT Chassis Asus M2N68-AM nVidia nForce 560 Chipset AMD Phenom~7750 @ 3300MHz 4096MB (2x2048 DDR2-SDRAM) ATI Radeon HD3870 Series Seagate Barracuda 300 (250GB) Lite-On DVDRW LH-16W1P ATA Dev.
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  1. Thanks C_B. I tried lowering the multiplier to x10 and raised the bus to 300 along with the V core to +100Mu but still no luck. With a better heatsink like the "Arctic" in the two previous posts or what I will get eventually, water cooling for this rig I could maybe get more out of this AMD x2 7550. I'm not sure what else to do, nothing past 2901MHz will boot? I really don't have any complaints though. Gaming is great with this cheap rig. GTA IV plays at 1920x1080 on the highest settings except for rendering which is at medium. Fallout 3 is at ultra high across the board! (In part from
  2. Ok, I raised the Voltage Core +50mu (V core 1.39) through the jumper free settings in the bios and the multiplier is at x12.5 along with the bus at 234. Raising the Core voltage +50mu didn't help, it's still not stable over 234 bus speed. I could raise the V core +100mu. Or maybe I should lower the multiplier and up the bus speed? The fact is that from similar specs on the '7550 2900MHz or 3000MHz is probably all it's gonna push.?. This processor does run differently than other AMD x2 dual cores at the same frequency (better in some cases because of the extra 2000Kb L3 Catch), and I a
  3. Wow, thanks for all the posts, 'just got up a moment ago and I will try to raise the cpu a little more and get back to you.
  4. OMG man let it rest, do you not have a life outside of bothering other people. You came all the way to my post that I made just to get away from you to say one last / stupid comment. Let it go. For your sake I hope that you are a little kid like someone posted earlier about you. By the way great comment "AMD RULES" makes fun of AMD and uses Intel ! ! !
  5. yeah I did that first but a few people were talking about other things here so I thought it might help my chances. Maybe someone can help anyway.
  6. Did you hear what I just suggested? I'm the only one offering you advice at this point. Or I was anyway. . . never mind this someone that deserves help is on another post.
  7. If you've bumped up the bus speed as far as you can, (.1 point below unstable boot up or more) and it's still stable then start doing the same thing with the voltage but very slowly. NOTE:: Keep in mind that memory configurations are slightly different depending on AMD and Intel.
  8. GOOGLE IT!!! Oh wait you can't do that. . .
  9. An AMD Athlon (Phemon) x2 7550 (from what I've read) can handle up to 75c even though the MoBo probably can't? I've over clocked it from its factory settings of 2500MHz @ 45c to 2901MHz @ 50c idle, under load is around 54c+. These are different chips than other dual core Athlon's considering that they have the same build spects as a Phenom 9000 series just with two disabled cores, they also run a lot hotter than Athlon as well!!! I'm running on air w/ 2x180mm, 2x80mm, and 2 factory fans that come w/ the factor cpu heat sink and gpu heat sink. Everything else runs cool, the sapphire HD
  10. It seemed like you were finished, I read through the entire post and it was a quick question. Having said that I read through the entire post it's confirmed (by several people mind you) that you are an :filtered:!!!
  11. Anyone ever over clocked an (phenom) athlon x2 7550? If you know anything about them they run very hot at their stock settings 2500MHz @ 45c or more, but are capable of running up to 75c unlike most AMD's that burn at 60c. (not that I would ever attempt to run at such temps) I'm over clocked @ 2901MHz right now without raising the voltage only the bus speed, any more and I'll have to raise the voltage I think. Stock voltage is 1.36. The problem is that I'm running at 50c under load, 54 over load. Everything else on the mobo is fine including the sapphire HD3870 that's running @ 2
  12. Wait for it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . click! ! ! "Wow, it's so easy to do. It really is just a click."
  13. It is just what I've been looking for. Auslogics keeps telling me that my PC is defragmented but pcpitstop's tests claim otherwise. . .
  14. Nothing, if you have all of your data backed up then go for it. Your original comment said that during boot up the OS stayed at the welcome screen an additional few seconds. Now, having had more information at hand it seems like a good idea. During the boot screen I bet that the animated time line (GUI) sticks occasionally also cutting out the desired smooth boot up. . . That does happen over time. I should have asked how long ago you installed the OS and if you had already backed up your system. P.S it's been over a week since the last post so you've probably already finished w/ the
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