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  1. Same problem here. SuperShield keeps turning off. Then crashhing when I click on the icon in the taskbar. I did all the above, but still don't work. Only a reinstall will turn it back on. But then it starts all over again, when it is done downloading definitions. It all started after update to version It is also much more sensitive now, blocking many safe applications, that never proved a problem before. If you could roll back to a previous version until the prolem is solved, it would really be appreciated.
  2. Im thinking about buying a new notebook with windows 8 installed. Is PC Matic going to work on windows 8?
  3. Whats up with all the updates to Supershield recently? I've been prompted to update at least 6 times since may.
  4. How do I find my version nummer for PCMatic? Right-clicking Supershield ikon tells me I have version (2011). Is that also my PCMatic version and is it the latest? I am wondering because of the year 2011.
  5. Nope, only my 2 harddrives C: and D: My network share is not there.
  6. Hi I've had PC Matic for quite some time now. I like it a lot, but lately I bought af NAS homeserver. PC Matic is only scanning my harddrive, but it would be a realy cool feature, if you could include my networkdrives in the PC Matic scans. Please please, development department. :-)
  7. ok, thanks. I found out the difference between recommended and advanced, when I opened my Libre Office calc - it was blocked. Recommended blocks all programs not on your whitelist - no option to allow them even if I trust them and know they are safe. Advanced let me chose between allow and block. I'll go with advanced for now. :-) Just wondering why you don't warm us before realeasing updates like SuperShield. When I'm prompted to uninstall RT and install something called supershield, all my safety alarmclocks starts ringing.. I get realy nervous when something tries to ins
  8. Thx for the answers, but I'm still a little confused. When I installed SuperShield I was prompted to uninstall RT. I guess I only have SuperShield now, or is RT included in the SuperShield install? About the protection level options: Off = no protection at all Minimal = only RT protection (as before SuperShield) SuperShield (recommended) = ?? SuperShieled + RT? SuperShield Advanced = ?? I cant se any difference when switching between recommended and advanced. Please put in some more detail.
  9. Hi I was just prompted for an update to RT-Protection. Now it's called SuperShield and there is som new features for protection level. What is that about? What is new and how do I manage it?
  10. Hope you'll let us know somehow, when you're included in microsofts list then. It would be nice to be able to turn on windows security alert again.
  11. Well, I have a home network with a server for mediafiles. Lately it was infected with virus. My resently updated AVG ("old technology") detected and removed the virus from my home server - PCMatic RT didn't respond to the thread. Guess I'll stick to my "old technology" 2011 version of AVG and uninstall PCMatic RT then. By the way, about RT: Where are the options? Is it antivirus or just malware it detects? Whay are there no product info about it anywhere? I remember one day it suddenly installed - in the beginning I actually thouigt it was malware itself. We need info a
  12. I just updated the PC Matic RT, and now I got an error message asking me to uninstall my AVG antivirus. "The following software is incompatible with PCMAticRT: AVG 2011 This software must be uninstalled for PCMaticRT to run properly." What is that about and why on earth would I want to do that? Is that realy what you call security to ask me to do that? /Nikolaj
  13. This may sound like I´m praising you fulsomely, but you guys simply saved my computer. Almost half a year ago it started working slow. It was laking in all programs, and lately I couldn't even open a word document without seconds of wating time. I have been trying like a hundred things - surfing around the net for adwise and asking good friends and experts. Nothin helped - lots of adwise, but my pc was still working like a turtle. I tried dosens of optimizers and other stuff. - and that all changed after I incidentally came by Pitstop and in desperation ran your online test.
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