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  1. So as i read that, that means that P4 processors are no longer made? So whatever 2.8/3.0/3.2GHz processors out there are all that's left in the world? Guess i'm gonna have to go dual core for my new mobo. Makes that price alot more expensive.
  2. umm..wow. I pull previous comment. I don't know if i could keep up with a computer that had a 3.2 quadcore, 8 gigs of memory, and a 1 gig DVI graphics card......
  3. i didn't even know they could fit a gig on 1 stick yet....how long till 2 gig sticks come out?
  4. here's what i did: go to the startup folder of msconfig, and uncheck EVERYTHING except for what has a path to the HKLM folder. Then change your virus scan to a time other than boot time.
  5. looks like it was a package deal off ebay....yea how much did it cost? The graphics card alone retails for 200 and change i think...
  6. that's a small picture, but the main unit looks similar to mine...try downloading the drivers for Logitech Quickcam...should be it.
  7. If you guys want a REALLY entertaining customer service, call hughesnet about their FAP. I sat on the phone listening to elevator music before a guy with an indian accent that i couldnt understand picked up. I seriously made him say everything twice. Then my dad and I started questioning him about the FAP- how it's false advertising, that it's too low, that doing a microsoft required update (XP SP2) put me over the FAP, yadda yadda yadda, and finally it became a cussing match, and he finally just clicked us over to billing. Overall, it was a 1 hour 45 minute call to india.
  8. My Dad's computer (dimension 47 in the sig) lost it's hard drive, and we couldn't recover the datta because the drive's froze plum up, so he had to start from scratch. Mind you, this was a business computer. Not good. So i got a 320 gig backup drive and i use it exclusively for my video editing and my backups. I even have ntldr and the other boot files incase i have to use it as a primary boot device.
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