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  1. I notice that some of the targets in the results don't exist in the registry. Were they to be created by the software? In other listings I notice that when the targets are valid the values rendered in that key really aren't the values that are on that key in the registry.
  2. In forgetting things like that I should just quit.
  3. I was interested in PC Optimize so I downloaded it and ran it and went through the sequence of events but what I noticed put me off buying it so far so I was going to ask before going any further because this beginning scan doesn't appear factual. The reg keys of this WinMe are all "HKEY" but what appears in the end of the first test per Internet Settings, Windows Settings and Remove Invalid Interface Entries locations the keys are listed as, HKLM, HKCU and HKCR. May I ask how this is possible?
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