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  1. I do not understand this as well. Maybe there is a relation between the two and we have to click or unclick something in Adobe. I do not use it, but my brother does and faces the same problem. I’ll tell him to look deeper into the issue and let you know if he comes with a trick for using them both.
  2. You may consider yourself lucky if a thunderstorm caused you this. Here I loose my connection even if a bird tries to rest on the cable. I am tired of “cordial” mails… when I can send them…
  3. I guess you are right… I think I didn’t pay too much attention on the date. It must be my age.
  4. I guess I can put this one here. I had the same problem, but waited to see if the others offer a solution. This last one, of Jacee, really worked. I guess I was too embarrassed to say I could not manage it.
  5. I have experienced this problem neither on Firefox nor on Opera. I guess I am a lucky one or the problems are only in your yard. It has always worked smoothly for me.
  6. I also have no problems and somebody told me that the internet band can be “overwhelmed” and needs to be reset. I do not pay to much credit to this since the video works together with the audio.
  7. Well, Brandon, I like this IE thing, but you know that Gates still thinks it is one of the best. Understandable, isn’t it? I’ve heard that he opened a new troubleshooting center somewhere in an Eastern European country, Romania, I think. And Terry 1966, I think your problem is the card.
  8. It is either the Firewall or the AV you have. Both of them can block access to many programs. The thing is that you should make exceptions for the program you want your AV not to block. I am using Kaspersky, which is a very good AV and blocks everything , but there can be made some exceptions, a possibility which every AV has.
  9. That’s very useful to know! It is not trivial at all since is makes use understand and remember where we have already been.
  10. Definitely money! Money is the core of everything, but as far as I am concerned I am glad that nVidia is in the middle of this battle.
  11. I have tried out Spybot S&D, but it was ineffective. I was disappointed because my friends held it in high ranks and all that worked was Ad-Aware.SE. I am still using it even for my site ( http://www.silveradoboysranch.com/ ) and it works great.
  12. Maybe Rob is right about internet the way it changes our lives. The problem is the quality of this change and the quality of the ones that use internet. I also find it hard to understand that Internet is no older than 10 years and I also have very serious difficulties on trying to imagine what will ne in the future. ---------- "Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time." Chinese Proverb known from : http://www.silveradoboysranch.com/
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