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  1. Did you try the Prevx scan as recommended in the Elder Geek thread? Seems to recognise the majority of the filenames you mention...
  2. If you still have Prevx installed, try the following: Open the console, then under the advanced options Tab: - Click on the File Scan under Tasks - Select Advanced Options - Select Full System Scan - UNCHECK "Verify new or unknown Files" - Click OK - Start the File Scan This will run a deep scan which might pick it up this time.
  3. WININET.DLL: http://spywarefiles.prevx.com/RRHDID2171/w...et%252Edll.html SRCHSTS.EXE: http://spywarefiles.prevx.com/RRDCHC106011...TS%252Eexe.html
  4. Before proceeding with such drastic action as reformatting, I would try giving your PC a scan with Prevx1. I've used and recommended this on many occasions where other products have failed, so it's certainly worth a try. This is a pay-for program, but they offer a free trial which will remove any infections free of charge during this period. If you don't wish to keep this after scan and any cleanup you can simply uninstall it. If this doesn't work either, I would still consider running a HijackThis log and getting an expert to look for anything suspicious? Reformatting really should be a final resort - and although CSRSS.EXE looks like it's causing the issue, there may also be another file/process instigating this.
  5. I prefer a hardware firewall over a software version. Wireless Router + XP Firewall + Prevx1 is my complete setup.
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