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  1. kido, thanks for the comparison. I use my system mainly for encoding movies ( AMD X2 3800 @ 2.8) and I've really been tempted by the q6600. I'll probably hold off seeing how this $80 chip is has alot of fight left in her.
  2. wow can i make a habit of starting threads with a link only, seems to be the way to get 10k post around here.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you man. I picked up a Logitech flight stick and play LOMAC I'll DL the demo of FSX and give it a shot.
  4. Stats I prefer this site for my stats they seem to update a bit faster.
  5. They should have put the effort into improving BF2 before thinking about releasing 2142. I made the mistake on buying BF-Vietnam back in the day it'll be awhile before I buy another "mod".
  6. that's like buying a playboy for the articles
  7. That's by far the best advice I've heard since being a member of the Pit. Looking for my Abit board to flash it to Biostar bios, wish me luck!
  8. Everywhere that there are non-muslims is a war zone for these terrorist.
  9. well you ought to give it a try good luck getting in to a ranked server though.
  10. I'm like 3/4s the way to Lance Corp. Is it true once you become L.C the weapons unlock? or some for that matter? thanks
  11. Occupying Force Clan server server IP is EA hide the server since these guys have the weapons unlock hack working just connect ip and try out the locked weapons... enjoy :beer:
  12. the 77.30's included with the demo helped me out alot. Thank god for this game to come out can't take anymore cs:s My Tag is AirManAE
  13. best i could OC my EVGA 6800nu was 380/800 thats with a zalman copper vga heatsink and ram sinks
  14. i scored 2000+ points by overclocking vs unlocking my 2cents
  15. I could get my 2500M to 2.9GHZ with a thermaltake 947u and a tornado but just long enough to run a pit test.
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