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  1. Found all drivers for the "unsupported" laptop and I have to say it was well worth the hunt. Along the way looks like its a very popular thing to downgrade mid-range Vista laptops to XP, I can blame them for selling a bloated O.S on minimal hardware.
  2. Thanks, just hope there's more then myself and this guy on the net wanting to do this. That's the same link I found via google.
  3. I just purchased a Compaq Presario F558US laptop from Circuit City. The laptop came pre-loaded with Vista and I had every intention to reformat and load XP on it. I checked the HP/Compaq site for drivers and this is all they provide for XP. On the other hand this is what they provide for Vista. I hate to think of conspiracy theories but that was my first reaction. Any Pitperts have any ideas of a work around? besides Linux based O.S's? Thanks, CW
  4. As the title states I took these pictures on a recent RTB from Nellis Air Force Base. I was seated next to the "Boom Operator" in a KC-10 Tanker. Enjoy! A1C Adam Erdman 79th Fighter Squadron Shaw AFB, SC a.k.a "CreativeWerkz" P.S (These are not Dial-up friendly pictures my apologies)
  5. I tried both ports still no luck. Listed in Yast as: Giga-byte CK8S Ethernet Controller Giga-byte Marvell 88E8001 - Ethernet Controller Thanks JackeL for the help.
  6. Hello, First please bear with me as I finally got the nerve to install Suse on a new hardrive and give it a fair shake. My problem is with setting up my Ethernet card within Suse. I have this motherboard. I use my login through Yast and It shows my card listed but obviously I'm not configuring it correctly. I hope this isn't too vague If you need more info I'll be more then happy. Thanks in advanced.
  7. Either that or they're broke after an expensive new saucer purchase.
  8. Test I've been reading up on overclocking these AMD 939's and finally got enough info to try it.
  9. I have the Zalman on a 6800nu with artic silver 5 works great.
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