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  1. kido, thanks for the comparison. I use my system mainly for encoding movies ( AMD X2 3800 @ 2.8) and I've really been tempted by the q6600. I'll probably hold off seeing how this $80 chip is has alot of fight left in her.
  2. wow can i make a habit of starting threads with a link only, seems to be the way to get 10k post around here.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you man. I picked up a Logitech flight stick and play LOMAC I'll DL the demo of FSX and give it a shot.
  4. Stats I prefer this site for my stats they seem to update a bit faster.
  5. They should have put the effort into improving BF2 before thinking about releasing 2142. I made the mistake on buying BF-Vietnam back in the day it'll be awhile before I buy another "mod".
  6. that's like buying a playboy for the articles
  7. That's by far the best advice I've heard since being a member of the Pit. Looking for my Abit board to flash it to Biostar bios, wish me luck!
  8. Everywhere that there are non-muslims is a war zone for these terrorist.
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