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    Gateway,XP Home sp2 build 2600 x86 based,15 Model stepping 1 AMD 2109 mhz.1GB RAM.160 GB HD.NVIDIA GForce 6100 nForce 405.DVD CDRW.
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  1. This is a very simple adjustment I use for our shared PC.If double clicking on everything annoys you it'll help. Open START-CONT.PANEL-MOUSE-Buttons.Choose single click option then apply.(You can tweak other mouse settings too).No more double clicking to open anything. If this tip's been posted previously,appologies.
  2. I use SMP6 and love it.You said that you made changes reccomended by the program.It also contains a feature which allows you to reverse them.Open "Main Menu",click "Maintinance", ",click on "Inspect and Undo Changes".Select the menu option you used to make those reccomended changes and find them.Then simply undo them.This well almost all the time. Best of luck!
  3. Just noticed this post.Good common sense help for everyone.Thank you.
  4. How very true...How very true.
  5. You know,it may be as simple as disabling any popup blocker you may be using .disable it and and try.Happens to me w/some sites ( Yahoo,Netflix,etc....).Works for me despite your internet settings.Worth a try.
  6. LOVE THIS!Junior will have to find a new game to play with daddy.
  7. Caught your response.Nice and simple.
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