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    asus-p5rd1-v, 2x80g hdd, cdrw, dvdrw, 1024mb, p4-2.66ghz.
  1. problem solved: it was the psu. as soon as i put a new psu, the pc booted up clean. i repeated it several times to make sure it's good, and every time, it booted clean. thanks guys.
  2. hi, "ineedhelp", are you serious? i need to replace my bios chip? is it even replaceable? or is it soldered to the mobo? as, i said, i think cats is on the right track. my psu is not supplying enough voltage. i checked again last night. the 12 volt is 11.42. the 5 volt is 4.72. the 3.3 volt shows 3.20 and the 1.5 volt is 1.27. so, according to the spec, this power supply is not supplying enough voltage. i've ordered a new psu. and i'll post the result.
  3. thanks guys. cats, i think you're right about psu. the voltage seems marginal. the 3 volts shows 2.91, the 5 volts shows 4.95, the 12 volt shows 11.95, etc. caintry boy, thanks for the good info about the beeps. my beeps is a bunch of series of short continuous beeps, which leads to believe as cats said, a marginal or failing psu. so, i'm gonna change that bad boy. thanks again.
  4. Hi, here's a scoop on what's happened with my home-built pc: 1 - mobo is asus p5RD1-V 2 - cpu is p-4 2.66 ghz socket lga775 3- 2 hdd's, one cdr, one dvdr - all via IDE cables 4- hp printer via usb 5- camera card reader via usb 6- webcam via usb 6- mic, speaker 7- onboard lan, sound and video 8- system had original 1 stick of ram - 256mb 9- installed another 256mb ram of same kind and speed 10- installed 512mb ram of same kidn and speed 11- the system worked find until recently. and here's what it does: 1- on power-up, (p.o.s.t.) the mobo logo freezes and would not continue. there are horizontal lines across the mobo logo. and a continuous beep is heard. this doesn't always happen. when the pc is turned off once, twice or 3 times, it goes on to windows. 2- sometimes it says: overclocking failed, press f1 to go to setup, pf2 to continue with defaults. 3- sometimes it gives error msg: cmos checksum bad. 4- sometimes it goes straight to windows after 3 or 4 times turning pc on and off. 5- the memory is total of 1024mb, however, when i go to "my computer", it shows 960mb (64mb is missing). 6- it seems that the pc is forgetting the cmos seetings or something. 7- if i shut the system down, and turn it on immediately, there are no problems, only when i wait 10-20 minutes, this problem happens. i have: - replaced the cmos battery. it shows over 3 volts - cleared the cmos (moved jumpers to pin 2 and 3 to clear and then back to normal (1 and 2 pins)). - downloaded bios from asus site and updated the bios. - still same problems. any ideas why it's doing this? is it cpu? mobo? ram? hdd? or what? thanks!
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