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    Computers, custom building systems, troubleshooting software & hardware problems, maybe overclocking someday soon.....oh yeah, did I mention computers????<br /><br />I'm 38 (yeah so what? older folks like stuff too), mother of two teens, and happily married.

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    P4 3.0 MSI PT880 Neo-LSR 1024Mb pc3200 Radeon 9550 128Mb WD 160Gig SATA HDD Diablotek "Demon II" case 450w PSU
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  1. It hit us hard here too...hubby and I both had it at the same time. I got to stay in bed though...he still had to go to work (couldn't afford for him to miss over a week ya know). I don't get real sick like that very often, but it seems when I do, OH BOY!! I was even too sick to complain about how the house looked since I didn't get a chance to clean it up from Christmas.
  2. Thanks! And yes I do like the seasons, but Winter just never occurred to me as a good name. All the rest are actually names I've known people to use.
  3. Uh huh..no matter what station I've worked at over the years, there's always at least a minute amount of water in the gas, but as Bruce said, if they sell a higher quality gasoline, and have a high turnover rate, there won't be as much.
  4. I've always like Summer, Spring or Autumn There's also Tuesday, Hayley, Harmony, Heaven, Park, Krista, Macy, Olivia, Payton, Eliza, Cassidy, Bethany, Kia (no, not the car), Cassandra, Melanie, Marlena, Jodi, Destiny, Desiree', Deirdre, Elatia, Teia, Symphony, Clarissa, Kayla, Majesty.... Those are just the ones I can come up with off the top of my head. oh.........and btw..........CONGRATS!!!
  5. I had a real bad case of the flue last year that lasted from Christmas night until after New Year's...I couldn't eat for over a week, and dry-heaved every time I sat up. Pounding head, constantly sick to my stomach, and laid in bed so much all my muscles ached too. But I didn't smoke after that for six weeks. Too bad I started up again after that.
  6. Well done. You should be extremely proud of yourself, as should your parents.
  7. Oh I will definitely agree with you there.
  8. I didn't even notice that. I guess you can't say it. Must be offensive.
  9. The real trees are beautiful, but my front yard is already full of pine needles and I hate them. We only use an artificial tree in the house...they're safer. Fire-:filtered:ant. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. Yeah maybe just a bit I just can't help myself. I like some of the new alternative stuff, but a lot of it just sounds like screechy noise to me.
  11. If there's no multiplier listed in your bios, then I'd say you most likely have a locked cpu. Yeah, when you get an unlocked one, you should not only see it in the bios, but be able to adjust it as well.
  12. Being a teenager in the '80s myself, I do believe I would've been remiss in my duties as a rebellious teen if I hadn't ensconced myself in metal music. I love REO, Floyd, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Ratt, VH, GnR, Whitesnake, Great White, Aerosmith, and basically just about anything else where I can hear the electric guitars whine!!!!!!!! I don't, however, enjoy Tool, Creed, Slipknot, or any of that other "so-called" music, as it only serves to give me migraines from the "noise".
  13. Wow! That kid kicks some definite ax!!! (pun intended here)
  14. Very disrespectful and in extremely bad taste.
  15. I totally agree. What's the point in getting rid of that annoying back pain if you could potentially end up with a massive coronary? What's the point of ridding yourself of that migraine only to suffer a potential brain tumor? No thanks! If the cure could kill me, I'd just stay sick. Better sick than dead anyday.
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