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  1. As Stormy 13 says, "ATI never supported the mobility chips officially". Radeon Mobility (M6 and up)
  2. That's good enough for me Bear. WD it is. Now all i have to do is transfer over 200 Gb of data from a dying disk. I can get it running for 5/10 minutes before it freezes. (Threatening it with running the new Pit tests usually does the trick.)
  3. Current external WD 250 Gb is dead/dying, so i need to buy a new drive in the next couple of hours. Normally i'd just replace with another WD but as it went belly up in under 2 years................. This is the nearest store to me - Freecom Western Digital I've never used Freecom before. Any good or stick with WD?
  4. At 46, it won't be much longer till your back to where you started. Good luck to you both. Imp.
  5. The good lady given you an ultimatum? "It's me or those damn computers!" Imp.
  6. I prefer mine ssssssshaken and not shhhhhhhtirred Mishhhhhhhhhhhhh Moneypenny. 007
  7. QUOTE Currently Active Users: 1694 (73 members and 1621 guests) QUOTE 46 members and 1265 guests Most likely Linux Forums and the poor sods are lost.
  8. Looking forward to the definitive version Hulk.
  9. Irish style. That's why i'm wearing shades.
  10. How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows XP and repair OE.
  11. Welcome stranger. Scroll down to line 321 where you'll find removal instructions - W32.Sasser Removal Tool After you've done that, post a Pit Test back here so that we can see what other crap you have on your pc. How To Post a Pit Test One last thing............LAY OFF THE CAPS.
  12. Happy Birthday young fa.. Doing my best to be polite. What's it like being sixteen? I can't remember that far back.
  13. Recent editions of Picture It can be installed in Vista. Microsoft picture it! on vista
  14. What to do with files in Chest? If you wish to delete it, right click on the aVast icon on your task bar and choose, Start avast! Antivirus. In the Simple User Interface, click on Tools then Virus Chest. You can delete it from there.
  15. Certainly not, follow aVast's recommendation and either delete it or move it to the chest.
  16. Yes, it is. I'd say you're problem is Defender, far too many folk have problems after installing it. Win453 Error win453 Mixed Reviews If you decide to remove Defender, (easier said than done apparently), then post back here and i'll give you links to some decent free security programmes.
  17. Welcome kmdracer. Did this problem start after installing Defender Pro 15 in 1? If possible please run the PC Pitstop Full Tests and post the result back here. Howto
  18. Near the bottom of the page: Tips & Tricks Don't know if that helps any, i've never used AutoCAD. You might find the answer you're looking for at the: AutoCAD Forums
  19. Welcome Johanna. This is not the forum for posting HJT logs. You have HJT installed to a temporary folder, please run it from a permanent folder, C:\Program Files\ will do fine. Then, i'd like you to run HJT again and post it in this forum: HijackThis Logs.
  20. You need elevated privileges even although you have logged in as Administrator. Administrative Privileges in Vista How to Activate the Hidden Vista Administrator Better bookmark that site Caintry. Running Vista, you'll need it.
  21. Hi wilsenn. From what i gather, your running Vista and IE7? If so, IE7 is running in protected mode, which you will have to disable. Here's a couple of links, one a bit techy, the other quite simple:- Techy Simple On the second link, follow the instructions from the first post, the rest of them seem to be talking from their nether regions. Anything you're not sure about, then just ask. I don't use Vista or IE, so i probably will not be able to help much if the problm persists.
  22. I don't think you'll have much say in the matter about where your posted in the beginning. Good Luck to you whatever you decide on. TANKUS. Sailing a bit close to the wind are we not.
  23. 's = Volt, Radio and Moon. I'm just a youngster. Where have you been hiding Willow?
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