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  1. Glad you are ok Juliet. Can you have a word the local mayor? My good lady will be there in July and would like the bars and dancehalls to be in good repair. Take care. Imp.
  2. Been with [email protected] since 2003. Running [email protected] now......................pile of [email protected]! All i can do is get new/upload finished work. Tried it on machines with intel/AMD, invidia/Radeon..................still [email protected]! Nothing else about the programme works, not even the bloody screensavers! Even the [email protected] forum is pretty useless, everyone just seems to accept the status quo. (including some ex Pitsters) Imp.
  3. Happy Birthday young lady. BTW. Did your broken foot/ankle ever heal properly? (We had a chat about it many moons ago). Imp
  4. Well that's part one of the festive season over. I much prefer part two....................(Hic!) Imp
  5. So many views..............so little love. Kind of difficult to find this place on the main website unless it's bookmarked. So. No more Pit Tests etc. i take it? I was given pcmatic or one of it's early versions years ago, i still don't know what it's for. (probably get banned for saying that). Thanks Tx! Hope you've trimmed that 'tache. Know where i can get a decent pasty nigsy? Imp.
  6. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me.....................................! Only another 599 years and i'll officially be the number of the beast. Imp.
  7. "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged." Deuteronomy 31:8 He loved quoting from The Bible............ usually the longer versions! Mine? Short, sweet and from the heart. Sunday? I'll pour a couple of drams for Caintry and i and toast him on his way. R.I.P. Young man.
  8. So sorry to find about Intel's passing. he kept this place going. We didn't keep in touch much. We were here for different reasons, me to help where i could, him, to mainly run the place! I remember when were a couple of green mods in the Staff Forum. There was a lot of banter going on as usual. Me. "I'm not posting in the forums as i'm a bit sqiffy" Intel. "What's sqiffy?" Jazzy explained to him. Pished! Intel. Oh, ok. The Pit may be forgetten but Intel won't.
  9. Thanks for that geewhiz. I was able to access and run Overdrive. Running IE and no AV.....................now that's scary!
  10. Hi Gary. I'm assuming that you're running an Android phone, if so, you won't do better than hitting the playstore and d/l Avast or AVG, either will serve you well, (Both have free versions). You forgot post 10. I think i mentioned an answer to your question whilst chit chatting. If it's a Windows phone......................... forget about it for now.
  11. You guys/gals forgot how answer folk who ask for help! Answer. Android? Avast works for my good lady, which you can find at the Google thingy. It's free. Me? WP............nothing!
  12. I'd give them all medals! Just for today of course. Anything to relieve the tedium of "the wedding".
  13. Abracadabra That's this topic knackered!
  14. Welcome Stranger. Mywebsearch is your problem. Check Add/Remove Programmes and if listed uninstall it. To be completely sure it's gone, download, install, update and run, (preferably in Safe Mode) - Malwarebytes
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