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  1. That's AVG's Achilles heel. Always has been.
  2. As Stormy 13 says, "ATI never supported the mobility chips officially". Radeon Mobility (M6 and up)
  3. That's good enough for me Bear. WD it is. Now all i have to do is transfer over 200 Gb of data from a dying disk. I can get it running for 5/10 minutes before it freezes. (Threatening it with running the new Pit tests usually does the trick.)
  4. Current external WD 250 Gb is dead/dying, so i need to buy a new drive in the next couple of hours. Normally i'd just replace with another WD but as it went belly up in under 2 years................. This is the nearest store to me - Freecom Western Digital I've never used Freecom before. Any good or stick with WD?
  5. At 46, it won't be much longer till your back to where you started. Good luck to you both. Imp.
  6. The good lady given you an ultimatum? "It's me or those damn computers!" Imp.
  7. I prefer mine ssssssshaken and not shhhhhhhtirred Mishhhhhhhhhhhhh Moneypenny. 007
  8. QUOTE Currently Active Users: 1694 (73 members and 1621 guests) QUOTE 46 members and 1265 guests Most likely Linux Forums and the poor sods are lost.
  9. I'll take that as a compliment. Just tickety-boo Caintry.
  10. It ain't and i'm too busy customizing other things. Yeah. I'm hitting 56. Sorry couldn't resist it el kido.
  11. Restore Right Click Properties - Line 203
  12. Looking forward to the definitive version Hulk.
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