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    AMD Phenom 9750 @ 3.0 ghz. 8 gigs of ocz reaper pc1066 m3a32mvp deluxe, 3 80 gb maxtor atlas 15k scsi on ultra 320 adaptec controller, 2 x 320 hitachi sata 2 in raid 0, HIS raedeon 3870 512mb ice q
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  1. [Well no c cleaner won't do it . cache over flow is what happens when explorer loses track of the files due to incorrect shut down for example. you may have 40 mb alotted to your cache size but have 120 becasue as far as explorer know s the rest of those files aren't there. and yes it may very well over flow again but this is how to correct it .
  2. To fix the internet explorer cache overflow all you need to do is the following: open internet options and change the location of your temporary internet files folder to an empty partition or ideally to an empty flash drive. windows will log you out momentarilly to complete the move. when you log back in open disk management and select the partition or flash drive where your temporary internet files folder is now located and select format. a warning will appear that the disk is in use but you will have the option to force the format action. Do so and close disk management .
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