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  1. So, after a 1.5 weeks, I took it back and got the 10.1" version. 7" worked fine but my getting older eyes needed a little bigger screen.
  2. Picked up a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It seems to work well. On sale in Wal-Mart for $168.
  3. Apple, Andriod or (cough) Windows ? Basically I want a reader that's also small device for the internet and for watching some video / movies. I know next to nothing about tablets
  4. openSUSE 12.1 has been released.
  5. The following link rates Security Suites: Security Suites I usually find a 3 user deal on Kaspersky IS for $19. Norton, Eset, McAfee - all are not recommended.
  6. got rid of Pulse but the problem remains. Oh well, there are bigger problems in my world than this.
  7. It's not hard at all Adam .... but it's not just openSuSE. Doesn't work properly in Fedora either. Works great in Sabayon and Ubuntu. Think I said all this in the first post
  8. Is using YaST to change the default sound output device any different than right clicking on the speaker icon in the toolbar then "select master channel" and choosing HDMI?
  9. Hello, About to do a fresh install of openSuse 11.4 What changes should I make to get sound via HDMI. I have onboard sound for my pc speaker and an HDMI slot on my ATI HD3450 vid card. PC speakers work fine but if I open Kmix set HDMI for sound. I get nothing from the TV sound still comes from the pc speakers. As some of you know, I multiboot. Onboard sound and TV sound via HDMI works fine on Sabayon, Ubuntu and Windows. Not on openSuSE or Fedora. Thanks
  10. Soulfly: please check the topic title once again which says Ubuntu not impressed. My comment about Unity was at the end of the post. Not that it matters. Your new here and I hope you enjoy reading the posts. Adam has made a few comments in threads I started that "I thought" were neither well thought out or explained in any way. Adam: I haven't mentioned hating Ubuntu anywhere. What I said is "I've installed every release of Ubuntu since it came out (4.10 Warty) but it's never really appealed to me" That's a long way from hate in my book. To post publicly that someone must be lazy w
  11. Go feck yourself. You sure it ok .... only a knob would make such idiotic remarks.
  12. OpenSuse and Sabayon. I've installed every release of Ubuntu since it came out (4.10 Warty) but it's never really appealed to me or been on the system very long. I know its blasphemy to some folks.
  13. Not that it will matter to anyone but I am not impressed with the default installation of Ubuntu 11.04 Been using it all evening and will be dumping it quick. Unity sucks IMO. Over and out
  14. I tried a live cd a few days ago Joe. Seemed to work ok. Keyboard etc are fine. Will check the exhaust air.
  15. Spinrite says there is nothing wrong with the hard drive....
  16. I have the same set up with the exception of specific hardware brands and I also have my pc dual booted with Linux. Everything works for me so lets get yours going. The device manager screen shot looks good but open up the monitor section to see if it shows both monitors. Mine simply lists 2 generic pnp displays. If both are showing, double check that you have the "source" set correctly with the tv remote. My tv has two HDMI inputs, If I select HDMI 1, I have a black screen with the same message as you "no input signal". Select HDMI 2 and presto. Good luck.
  17. The Passmark utility tells me there are "No SMART enabled drives". Checked the Bios, SMART was disabled, turned it on but get the same message from Passmark. The other odd thing I see is that whenever I boot from a cd, there is a delay and a message "verifying DMI pool data". At the moment I'm running a Spinrite scan, from a bootable cd, that will take another 11 hrs to finish.
  18. Hi, Trying to fix a friends pc that freezes up constantly. Ran a memory test overnight, no errors. Ran a Western Digital hard drive test, complete test, about 3 hrs on a 250g hard drive, no errors. Have gone so far as to format the hard drive, zero write the boot sector and reinstall Vista home premium .... problem remains. Stuck a Windows 7 disk in the machine and installed that OS.... same problem. Any ideas?
  19. did anyone check to see if the checksums of the final release and yesterdays GM are the same? It's suppertime now and the download speeds are miserable.
  20. So Gold Master is same as final release? Link to mirror please
  21. http://news.opensuse.org/2011/03/02/opensuse-11-4-and-kde-2/
  22. Wonder why they split it up?
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