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  1. No. It's completely revolutionary to Microsoft's memory management system. If you assemble a brand new computer with 2gb of ram, install Windows XP, and on your first boot up, you open notepad, and check the task manager to see how much free ram you have, you might see 1.7gb free ram. Great, you think. However, free ram is BAD. It's useless. It sits there, sucks power, and it's not doing anything. Same situation with Windows Vista. You see 200mb of free ram. That means not only do you have all your automatic backups and antivirus running, but when you boot up IE7 (or Firefox/Opera, I would hope), it loads faster. SuperFetch is Microsoft's memory management process, and it learns what programs you use most often, when (weekends/weeknights, afternoon/2am, etc), and pre-loads the necessary info into the ram. So the ram is used when it might not need to be, but WHEN you need it, it helps. Even if it's wrong, it just loads what it needs into ram when you start the program, so at the very LEAST, it's no slower. More info on superfetch can be found with googling. Is it going to work? Maybe. It's a great idea in theory, but who knows.
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