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    Abit AN-7, 512 mb crucial ram, Msi 5200,Broadband- woohoo!, wireless networked, Antivir, avg,spybot search and destroy, and spyware blaster updated and run daily!
  1. A Faster Start Menu I see no reason for there to be any delay when I click on the Start Menu. Effects are pretty, but I wouldn’t click on it if I didn’t have business inside, so lets get it open and get moving. The default speed can be adjusted with a quick registry entry. The default value is 400. Set it to 0 and the delay is gone, but it will be nearly impossible to move the mouse fast enough not to activate [All Programs] if you mouse over it in route to your final selection. It's easy to train yourself to move the pointer to the right after clicking Start to avoid activating All Progr
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