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  1. Have a look here: https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/browser.php Also see this: https://www.404techsupport.com/2019/05/09/what-is-pc-matic-super-shield/
  2. Hi Bruce, good to hear from you again! BTW, my glorious computer that you built for me.... just up and said "no more". I loved that machine!!!
  3. See if an alternative media player will work better for you: https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-media-player
  4. You were and still are my favorite imp !
  5. This article should help you https://www.techwalla.com/articles/the-best-way-to-clear-a-laptop-before-returning-it-to-an-employer
  6. Hi Bob, give us the specs of your computer and we'll walk you through it. Are you going to give it away for parts, sell it or up-grade it ... just for us to know.
  7. I could have done it, but I thought you might be interested
  8. Keep on living the good life!
  9. Awww, Tx. Thank you for being there with him IRL.
  10. I'm so sorry to be reading this so late . David was a true friend .... my eyes are teary. We will surely miss this man.
  11. My heart aches... he was a trooper and fought too many odds against his health. He was a good and dedicated friend in this forum. Rest in peace Roger. Your journey was definitely heroic. Much love to your family and friends for all of our loss.
  12. John, Juliet is right. "It removed the remnant/traces of the IObit\Advanced SystemCare folder." PS......... Yep. it's been on TV, within the last couple of days.
  13. Jon, try AdwCleaner 'free' cleaner, to remove all traces: Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode and save to your Desktop. Step 1. Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool. Vista/Windows 7/8 users right-click and selectRun As Administrator. Click on the Scan button. AdwCleaner will begin...be patient as the scan may take some time to complete. After the scan has finished, click on the Report button...a logfile (AdwCleaner[R#].txt) will open in Notepad for review (where the largest value of # represents the most recent report). The contents of the log file may be confusing. Unless you see a program name that you know should not be removed, don't worry about it. If you see an entry you want to keep, let me know about it. Copy and paste the contents of that logfile in your next reply. A copy of all logfiles are saved in the C:\AdwCleaner folder which was created when running the tool. Step 2. Using AdwCleaner: Scan & Clean: This time click on the Clean button. Press OK when asked to close all programs and follow the onscreen prompts. Press OK again to allow AdwCleaner to restart the computer and complete the removal process. After rebooting, a logfile report (AdwCleaner[S#].txt) will open automatically (where the largest value of # represents the most recent report). Copy and paste the contents of that logfile in your next reply. A copy of that logfile will also be saved in the C:\AdwCleaner folder ***Removing/Uninstalling AdwCleaner: Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool again. Click on the Uninstall button. Click Yes when asked are you sure you want to uninstall. Both AdwCleaner.exe, its folder and all logs will be removed.
  14. I see 'organization' isn't the first priority here! eeps
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