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  1. Hey Thanks for the detailed notes on virus. These days spyware is equally dangerous. So why not share some exclusive information on spyware too.
  2. Trend Micro is OK but for full protection of my PC, I would go with Kaspersky AV and Malwarebytes Anti Spyware. This combination is really the BEST.
  3. Earlier I used to run my PC with 190.62 drivers but after a suggestion given by my a PC security expert I changed it to 185 drivers. Now I'm pretty happy to take that decision.
  4. Why to look for FREE, get the best protection for your PC with KASPERSKY. Free ones doesn't support real time protection.
  5. If free go for Avast! 4 Free otherwise KASPERSKY is simply THE BEST
  6. Even though Kaspersky is a little bit pricey, it gives your PC an ultimate protection. I highly recommend it.
  7. seo

    Today's Movies

    Why not watch SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE? It's a good movie that has won major Academy Awards.
  8. Apple has more customer base than that of LINUX. I think Apple is considered to be the top growing company.
  9. seo

    Windows 7 the best?

    There are many positive reviews about Windows 7, but still I prefer using XPS2. It's simply great.
  10. Will there be any problem in uninstalling the spy sweeper? Yesterday, when I tried to uninstall it, it gives me an error message : Error: Messages file "C:\ProgramFiles\Webroot\WebrootSecurity\unins000.msg" is missing. Please correct the problem or obtain a new copy of the program. What should I do? I'm unable to uninstall it. Even I tried to install a fresh copy of spysweeper, even then uninstall is not working out. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I'm sorry guys, if it looked something SPAM. Regarding Firewall, I have little knowledge only. Instead of using the internet security suite, I'm of the opinion that 1 anti spyware + 1 AV + 1 Firewall would give us an excellent protection. After considering your suggestions, I've downloaded PC Tools Firewall Plus. It's now only a day ... but till now it's excellent. As I do have PC Tools Spyware Doctor, I thought PC Tools Firewall Plus would be compatible to my PC. So downloaded it.
  12. If I were to select Windows XP Firewall and PC Tools Firewall Plus, then what software would be the best. Ofcourse both are FREE. Are there any other FREE firewall software that are really best for my PC which already has PCToools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus and Avira AntiVir Free Edition.
  13. Which would be the best option - Kaspersky IS or BitDefender TS/IS?
  14. Thanx for the replies....! So should I uninstall all of the software [spyware doctor with anti virus 6.0 version , Avira Anti Vir personal free anti virus, and windows xp firewall] and install and activate bitdefender internet security suite 2009 alone? Which combination would give me the best security protection form internet threats?
  15. seo

    Blog with Word 2007

    I didn't notice this feature in Microsoft Word 2003. It's definitely a good thing to create a blog post directly from the word. Fantastic!! Microsoft is making good moves to attract the customers.
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