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    HP Pavilion media centre, 3.2ghz (hyperthreaded), 160gig HD, LightScribe DVD/CDRW combo etc etc... pretty standard issue
  1. I've seen a lot of desperate calls for help when a wireless connection is strong and you can't access the internet or mail. One simple solution (and it's only for a few people) is that, if you have filtering software on your PC (CyberSitter, Net Nanny etc), that program may have defaulted to (or been defaulted to) it's 'no internet access' state. It could be as simple as that. This could happen if your on a shared PC and parents have installed the program and it's got corrupted or if someone had accidentally (or on purposes) set the access to none. Check if net nanny or CyberSitter are installed on your computer (or ask if it is) and,. if it is, this is likely the problem. If you are assured that it's not then, obviously, the will not help. Cheers.
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