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  1. Thanks for your advice. As stated in my previous reply I am not experienced enough to edit the registry although I am sure it would help. Can you tell me how the TCP setting might have got changed in the first place. I certainly did not do it!! Would installing Norton have been able to change this setting? Would this make the difference between fast and slow download speeds? Thanks for all.
  2. Thank you for replying to my message. You are right it is Norton which is causing the slow down. I have already checked by doing what you suggest. However I have been unable to increase download speeds by changing settings (firewall etc) or reinstalling NIS as suggested by Norton. Prior to the November reinstall of Norton the download speeds were at about 1.7mb so i have lost around 1Mb of download speed. I am afraid to change Registry settings a suggested by Intelman as I will surely mess it up and create even more of a problem!. Is there a software download I can buy to do this for me ? How do I restore default Windows settings in W98se as this may be the answer? Cheers for your help Tom
  3. My full test history at PCPitstop has shown an internet download speed of up to 1.8mb until I reinstalled Norton Iternet Security2005 in November. Up until then speeds were very satisfactory. Now the download speed has reduced to below 0.5mb when I run the full test even though NIS is disabled. The only setting I can find that has changed is the TCP Receive Window setting. When internet dowload speeds were ok the setting was 65535 but since reinsatlling NIS the setting shows 'Default'. I have been onto Norton who have tried to help but with no success. I have NOT made any changes myself (registry!) so I am at a loss to find out how this setting has changed. Please could you suggest 1. how and why this has changed 2. would this have the affect of substantially reducing download speeds? 3. Is there anything I can do to put things right. PS I have bought PCOptimise to try and solve the problem but unfortunately it has had not been able to resolve the problem Many thanks in advance for your help
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