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  1. yes, but i cant click it. it says "Chromium cannot determine or set the default browser"
  2. hi, im having trouble setting chromium as a default browser the browser is not listed under the sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browseralso, im using enlightenment so i can not set default browser under the desktop environment preferences. i was thinking is there a command to get my browser considered as a browser under the x-www-browser?
  3. the mobo also has like integrated video card and crap like that, im going for the flash at first, if it doesnt work, a new board
  4. I prefer kaspersky over avg, good share
  5. does that mean I need to change my motherboard in order to do anything?any other choices?
  6. I have AMD Athlon le-1650 processor and I was looking to oc it a bit but i couldnt seem to find a right option under my bios. i have american megatrends bios, ye its like worst one ever made is there a possibility that overclocking has been disabled by the company I bought the computer from or something, or is the problem in me that i couldnt find the right option cheers
  7. My computer has a 1 year return policy. But you think that computer was put together of parts which would need a better cooler? I contacted them with e-mail at the moment, will see what they have to say about this
  8. I have BitDefender antivirus. I followed your steps. I took the checkmark off of 'restart on error' and an hour later computer just crashed, it froze completely, nothing moved, nothing could be moved, mouse didn't do anything, u get the point. yea and I'm considering to return it to the store I bought it from if I dont get it fixed
  9. I got a new computer 3 days ago and today it started restarting by itself. I have Windows XP home and the error it showed me after boot:
  10. Yes i have got modem too, but my connection is working fine now. My connection disconnected, after it reconnected i had access to any site i tried. Thanks for help.
  11. Hello there! I'm using router and have got DSL Connection and it's LAN. My router is only connected to 1 computer. Anything else?
  12. Hi, i'm having problem with accessing to the internet with my browsers. Prpblem is that i can't get to the internet with browsers, it gives me message with Firefox "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." My other programs can access to the internet but Firefox and IE doesn't. And it doesn't seem to be caused of viruses because i did virus scan already. I can only access to sites when i click refresh repeatedly until it starts loading, it takes few tries. So that's how i got here -.- So, is there anything i can do to fix it?
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