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  1. the whole reason the ps3 is expensive at the moment is because sony are price skimming (thank god for business class >.<) they basically have the price really high until they are satisfied they have got enough money to start more developing and the other reason for it being so high is to pay off for all the developing costs prior to the launch
  2. LOL I can just imagine that happening and I know people like that, they try to 'suck up to you' in hopes of getting knowledge and in hopes of getting a cheap computer. but they get nearly everthing wrong you just want to smak the on the head with a keyboard
  3. that's the same as me random but it was my friend from galway and i didn't have th privilage of seeing it a lot just twice so i had to really remember everything lol but 810 guy i know its nice being a good person in helping him but he annoys me beyond belief and im pretty sure his family would sue me if anything went wwrong with the computer because they are that type of people i said to him that if HE got all the parts i would put them together but it was then which parts should i get and what do i need for a computer etc. ok i thiink ill get offline now the wind is really scaring
  4. well thats great lol but how much would a brand new pc game that just came out cost?
  5. I can...my friend is always trying to be like me...first off when I said i was building a computer...he got all 'interested' and now he wants me to build him one and i sed ill charge him 100 euro for a good computer (ontop of the actual part-cost) and he said no because his mum didnt want to pay me so now he wants to build me one and is emailing me and asking me at school like, 'What parts do i need to make a computer?' he is so [email protected] (and he talks to himself)
  6. i suppose this is where i should quote from what I just typed...odd conundrum (or whatever) screw it ill just copy and paste "Does anyone know if American pc games work on European computers?"
  7. lol he must have had a good christmas >.< i'm getting a guy in that my mum knows and if he knows what to do ill do that and if it is my motherboard i can just send it back but can someone please tell me if i will need a new CPU seen as this mobo is a socket AM2?
  8. i looked through it because i thought the same thing and i actually cant see anything much about the installation of a graphics card. to be honest i think it's the mobo because there is no beep when i power it up, and i dont think my HD is accessed but im not too sure sometime when i boot it i hear it kinda move, others, nothing
  9. thanks, i tried rebuilding it but i think it might be my motherboard because im getting no beep this is frus trating lol
  10. because i thought i had it in the wrong section, sorry im am i able to delete one?
  11. could it be anything to do with my RAM? because if i turn on the computer without the ram it's the exact same or is there a problem with my motherboard, the monitor works i know because i use it on this computer and i have reseated the graphics card a few times, and the power supply has to be sufficient because it actually powers up the graphics card, Rebel =UK= should i ask to get a replacement mobo? and if so would i need a replacement CPU because im socket AM2
  12. i tried both the ports and still no display with either lol. i dont have any agp mobos around lol so i cant test it out but im pretty sure it would work seen as i bought it in a shop today and i get no beeps at all
  13. my monitor cable is vga and the dvi is closest to my mobo if that helps and how can i set it to vga if i can ?
  14. wait excuse me it actually has a vga and a dvi, sorry
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