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  1. Hi Gang! Sincere thanks to everyone for getting back to me on this nuisance! OK, first things first: my fault, I should've said, I'm running XP 2, so unfortunately, there's no 'Performance & Maintenance' menu I can find in the control panel (aargh!) I'm presuming, therefore, that this is a Vista facility. Re startup. Nope. Absolutely not. This blasted Adobe updater is not loaded on start-up: I keep this little desktop 'optimised' as best I can by not having startup clogging everything up with useless entries. So no, it never figures. Thinking about this, I'm beginning to wonder if the problem resides with Photoshop, and that although I hit 'no' every time the damn thing nags me about going online, the updater exe somehow continues on as a live process, ready to everything up later on. I'm going to investigate my plethora of Photoshop options now, and find out if there's some reference to updating. Finally: thanks for the tip about Foxit's free reader: I've just DLd the latest version and will install it and then get rid of Adobe Acrobat reader. I've had it with Adobe. Again: many thanks to all -- I'm obviously not there yet, but making progress (and at least my CPU is as yet not running at 100% and screaming. . .)
  2. From time to time my admittedly ancient (four year old) Dell desktop runs slow. Recently though, it's been virtually locking up, with the fan whizzing around loudly and the CPU performance stuck fast on 100% -- even though no applications are running. The only way of getting out of the liock-up is to crash the system and re-boot, because Windows won't close down the usual way. Windows Task Manager shows that 35 processes are 'live', but of them only one has a CPU trace: something called AdobeUpdater.exe, 8,444K, with a CPU figure of 99 (all the others are 00). Clicking the "End Process" button doesn't end the process, nor does right-clicking on the actual entry. I'm not sure what to do here: I use Adobe 8 Reader for pdf files but this isn't the only time Adobe's software seems to want to dominate my system: every time I open PhotoShop, there are not one but four consecutive nag screens saying 'Adobe Update' would like to go online, yes / no? I click 'No' because I'm not online, don't need to be, don't want to be. I just want to use PhotoShop. So I'm wondering if this blasted AdobeUpdater.exe is somehow linked to the PhotoShop nag screens, or has something to do with Adobe version 8? The app isn't loaded on start up so quite why it keeps sending the CPU sky-high I've no idea -- nor why I can't stop it. Help appreciated: thanks!
  3. You lot are psychic. As well as being infinitely clever (though obviouly, much to modest ever to admit that.) Yup. We've had the computer running with the case off and, um, it stopped after 10m 40 secs. Trying to persuade my son to even open his window, never mind shut off the room radiator, has, however, failed. Perhaps he's planning on growing orchids. Anyway. . . the thing is, the HP's been in his room, in those environmental conditions, since new, so whatever's happened is unlikely to be environmentally related. I think. The firm who 'repaired' it have asked for it back; I can't get any sense out of them as to what they actually did because I take Guy's point about the relative ease of running a temperature check -- all they say is, the computer booted up fine, and ran fine, and everything was OK apart from a lot of dust that they subsequently vacuumed out. Which is true: the HP is pristine clean now. Thanks to Guy, we've now DLd Speedfan 4.33 so I'll try that out on the HP before it goes back in dock again. Meantime, sincere thanks again to everyone for being so great: you're all stars, an d much-o appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone |(and apologies for late running today!) So: we've checked out the actual wall socket points to which the computer is connected and they're fine / stable. We've also checked out a different socket some distance away. adly, the computer shut down again after 10 minutes or so when connected to either the original power outlet or the substitute (via an extension reel) yet other electrical equipment plugged into those outlets works fine. We unchecked the auto-reboot but that han't eemed to make any difference, i.e., no 'blue screen' appears at all, rather, the computer is working away quite happily but then suddenly, that's it: Windows XP vanishes, the screen goes into DoS with f-options along the screen top, and the fan kicks in quite loudly (prior to that, it's inaudible.) The computer's behaviour seems linked entirely to time-from-boot (10 minutes, average) regardless of what is done in those 10 minutes (surfing, or writing something in MS Word, etc etc) So it very much looks as if the problem is temperature related in some way: after 10 minutes, the computer is shutting down as though some "critical point" has been reached. We're going to ring the repair people tomorrow and go through the situation over the phone -- although they did say, when we collected it, that when they ran it overnight in their workshop, the computer's case was in place. (Then again though, their workshop overnight is likely to have been a darn sight cooler than our son's equatorial bedroom. . .) My son's going to see if he can borrow a monitor from a friend re Guy's intriguing thought! Again, sincere thanks to everyone for all the help: much appreciated!
  5. Gawd, faster than the speed of light! MANY thanks to everyone here for such instant responses, we're going to check everything through now -- I'll report back, in view of the collective kindness shown (nothing worse than people who disappear without trace. . . bit like our son's PC's operation, really.) We'll power up (hopefully) using an extension lead to a different power socket, and then use the info in the link brandon has provided. Finger crossed!
  6. Two years ago, we bought a Hewlett Packard 'Media Center' PC for our son's birthday. It's a Pentium 4 machine on XP Service Pack 2. It worked perfectly until a few weeks ago when it suddenly began to turn itelf off after 10 minutes' use -- the screen would go blank, and then come up in DOS mode with various number options to press. The fan seemed to become very loud, and then go quiet again. Our son is very fond of the computer but isn't particularly technical / technological. Sadly, nor are we. So he took it to a local (well established) computer repair company. They had the PC for three days and said there was nothing wrong with it. Apparently, it ran for 16 hours without a hitch. Never crashed once. They took the casing off and hoovered the interior, then turned it on again. And, again, it ran overnight without a problem. They charged £20 for the work, which seemed fair enough, and we collected the now pristine clean PC and brought it home so our son could make use of it again over Christmas. But nothing has changed. After 10 minutes or so, the screen goes blank, the fan gets very loud, and then there's a DOS option screen. Even that doesn't stay on very long. The PC seems like it repeatedly wants to boot up because the DOS screen then vanishes and the screen blanks out, but then it's back to the DOS screen again. Although when we took the PC in for repair, we also took in the power connector with it, the firm said they didn't want it as they had plenty of their own. Thinking, then, that the cord was faulty, we swapped it for the cord from our own PC, but the same thing has happened again: everything starts off fine, everything is stable. . . And then after 10 minutes or so, that's it. The computer won't work. If anyone can offer any ideas / suggestions, that'd be appreciated: paying £20 a time -- or more -- to a repair firm which can't see anything wrong with the computer is not a happy prospect. Thanks.
  7. GUY: Many thanks again -- have DLd the bugoff zip (for use on this lappie as well as my PC) and installed / run as per the instructions you so kindly provided. You really have been a great help (and that link to Radio, a website I'd not previously come across, is great: I've just added it to my Favourites). All in all, well done in coming to the rescue so promptly and comprehensively! Hogz
  8. GUY: Hey, thanks for that -- much appreciated! Thing is, you're not going to believe this, the PitStop alert of a topic entry came into OE as usual and I clicked on it fully expecting to see nothing at all. . . But instead, there's the email about your post. And when I click on all the other messages, guess what: all the content is immediately displayed. I haven't changed any settings, haven't run any anti virus or spyware or malware checkers. . . nothing. God knows what OE's playing at but thanks again for your note: carefully placed on file now for future reference!!
  9. OK. I'm sure there's a quick answer to this. All the email currently held in my OE folders is blank: the in box as well as the sent box. All the email currently being received in OE is blank: the message title shows up but when you click to open, there's nothing there. Clicking on properties for all the messages in all the folders shows that (of course) the messages aren't blank at all -- it's just that the content is invisible. QUESTION: what should I do to correct whatever daftness is going on with my OE today? I can't very well keep on reading my messages by right clicking on 'properties' and 'view source'. Thanks.
  10. Hi Stormy -- just a final word / belated update! Yup, the mouse was defective, as you rightly guessed: the right button function continued to, er, non-function. I've returned it to the supplier and am now awaiting delivery of its replacement. Hopefully, better luck this time!
  11. Same problem here with IE7 installation. Last month it was downloaded and installed on my laptop without a hitch -- and has worked without a hitch ever since. Took a bit of time to get used to the new look, but the browser tabs & other stuff are better than IE6. Yesterday I downloaded the damn thing THREE times to my PC and each time the downloaded went OK but the installation failed. Yet both computers are identical in almost every respect (Windows XP SP2, both fully updated, and both virus free, malware free, and analysed yesterday by System Mechanic Pro as in good condition: no problems anywhere). The IE7 "troubleshooter" points to an MS page which is all about making registry changes etc and a;tering permissions to accommodate IE7. I'm very wary of doing that -- does anyone here know of a different workaround?????? Thanks!
  12. Hi Stormy: many thanks for that -- I'm going to have another go now. And yes, you're right! That's the screen I get when using the Mouseware, but though the illustration shows what the righthand mouse button can do (Context Menu / Alternate Select) when I come to click the button, nothing comes up at all -- or rather, drops down, which is why I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I'm currently working on a big job using Word documents, so when I right-click on any part of the text with my ultra cheap ($2!) back-up non-optical mouse, a menu drops down with stuff like Cut Copy Paste Font Paragraph Bullets Numbering Hyperlink. . . but when I right click on the same text in the same document using the Logitech optical mouse, nothing at all appears. . . Anyway. Am off to try again! (Sorry to be a nuisance here!)
  13. Thanks bp but that was the first thing I did. The downloadable software comes with an optional extra: a link to eBay. God knows why: does eBay own Logitech now?? Anyway. The software not only did nothing for the right button functionality. It doesn't even offer open / copy / paste / delete functionality anyway. I'm baffled. Until now I figured a mouse was a mouse was a mouse and that every mouse could perform elementary Windows functions.
  14. Feel like a right banana coming on here because I'm thinking there's something I'm doing to screw everything up, but here goes anyway: My Dell mouse gave up when some internal spindle or other broke and the mouseball was no longer cradled properly. Friends said, forget old-fashioned mice, what you need is an optical mouse. So I've bought a brand new Logitech MX310 Optical Mouse. It's a USB/PS/2 device, NOT a wireless mouse, plugs into the PS/2 slot at the back of the Dell. So I plugged it in, turned on the Dell, and it worked straight off the bat. I then installed something called Mouseware software, it came with the mouse. This allows you to customise the mouse. I looked at the default settings and the main left control allows you to click on something but, but, but. . . the main right button has NO option at all for the Windows right-click function I'm so used to. Instead it brings up context sensitive details of whatever you're highlighting. Well, yippee, but that's not what I want. Right-clicking my old mouse always and unfailingly brought up a standard menu allowing you to open something, undo, cut, copy, paste, delete etc. But not the Logitech MX310. Gawd, why??????? Anyway. I've uninstalled the mouseware software thing, shut down the PC, then booted up again. Guess what. There's still no right click function on the Logitech MX310. Question: is this something I can resolve myself?? Or is this mouse faulty -- I can't believe Logitech would produce a mouse lacking the functionality you'd find in something costing a quid from Poundland. . .
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