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  1. i just finally gave up & reformatted to solve a problem i was having <see post somewhere below>. anyway, fresh install of windows, everything has been great for 3 or 4 days, now today, all of a sudden, all the graphics on webpages <ads & banners & stuff> blink, flicker & flash - it's terribly aggrivating. everything seems fine other than that. i've ran scan disc, system mechanic, updated windows, basically everything i can think of & nothing helps. any ideas? ? ? ? ?
  2. honestly - i don't know. i tried soo many things i don't know what finally fixed it. the other problems continued so i eventually reformatted & reinstalled windows.
  3. i tried - i went to the website & downloaded the latest version but it made NO difference
  4. i just took this computer out of storage - it was a friend's. anyway, i've been trying to update it & whatnot. started off with some kinda virus or something. homepage was hijacked & went to "esafetypage". i've done alot of research today & ran some antivirus & spyware programs. afret hours of aggrivation, i got that fixed. everything seems to be working fine & internet is superfast. the problem i have now is i can't run pcpitstop tests. it says my active x or java scripting controls are wrong. i've done what the help files said but it still won't work. also, online, where pics, gifs, ect, are supposed to be - there is a box with little symbols in different colors in it (red square, blue triangle, ect.). what's up? ? ? any help? ? ?
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