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    Overclocking my computer, driving my car around, and doin stuff with my g/f =]

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    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ skt 754 running at 14% OC (2.2280Mhz) STABLE w/stock HSF. Motherboard: Asus K8N Mobo Video: Nvidia GeForce 5500FX 256mb vram agp 8x RAM: (Everest says its Nayna, sticker says Elixer) 512MB running at ddr 456 3-3-3-7 1T STABLE HDD: WD 1600JS (160gb sataII running @ sataI) Optical: Plextor DVD+/- RW (PX-740A) Case: shitty case i cut up to suit my needs PSU: NSpire 350W dual fan psu -&other random stuff that wouldnt fit :)-
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  1. haha good job guys, gryph man u are one crazy dude but i think i should get a prize for getting my cpu to test at like a 38% overclock xD Athlon 3000+0 @ 2.75ghz from 2.0 ftw on stock cooler with a bigger fan and custom heatpipes that prolly didnt help and freezing temps outside in the darkness w00
  2. darn you whippersnappers and your cockamainy quad cores rofl. im still trying to fix my computer.....it recovered most of it, just putting it back so windows thinks nothing happend is a different story...looks like ill have to re-install
  3. hehe glad im not the only one i dont care too much tho, at least i got those two spots back --97% recovering completed with about 10min to go... *crosses fingers*
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=DA7EFW8R8AJS1UDJ NEW score: 2776 i had to pull that one outta my i took the computer outside last night when it was like 20F out too bad that right after i got this score, i tried to push the ram more, and i corrupted the hdd the bios screen was all garbled, but it still loaded, and the windows loading screen had junk all over it, and two vertical red lines xDDD and the poor little blue loading bar was still going for it then the blue screen came up, except it was the black and blue screen of death...like checkerboarded. ROFL. i am doing data recovery on my c: drive as we speak
  5. its gotta be a glitch dude.....no way a 200mhz gain would account for a 55999951210 mips gain. unless it is made of magic that only gets unleashed when it gets to 3.4ghz o.O;;
  6. no way in bloody hell. that cant be right. i mean come on, 3.2 Ghz = 48790 mips and 3.4Ghz = 56000000000 mips??? just no. something went wrong here.
  7. our family computer is like 50% fragmented with like 10% free space.....well today i tried clearing it out and defragging.....but the page file wouldnt defrag (deleted it after i found that out lol) and i only got it upto 20% free space (which im sure my bro will mow back down) and its still like 30% fragmented. its too hard to fix even for diskeeper 9 pro xD im sure if i did no matenince for them for a few months it would be just as bad as ever
  8. damn son, i think Gryph might actually have a competitor now oh and im sure u could if u push that vid card a bit...my geforce 5500fx got like a 400 something mp/s score o.O ...oh wait..it was higher... 595.77 MP/s rofl i forgot i made it that good xD
  9. yeah downgrade to IE 6, 7 is still full of crap like ive previously mentioned....ill bet youre going to be one of the people who get vista when it first comes out, and complains that it has too many bugs xD i always wait like a year or two or more to use whatever is new that comes out so they have time to work all the bugs out of it.
  10. u got nothing to complain about :| im barely holding onto a top 40 in 36th where i was hopin to at least come hope top 30 hopefully i get some more ram or SOMETHING for christmas i could use to bost my score
  11. i have a 50Mhz 486dx-2 Epson laptop with 8mb ram and 260mb hdd
  12. okay well i believe that you can run whatever computer you want 24/7 at full load......as long as it isnt full of dust ....even the simplest of folk can open up one of those dell dimensions and clean it out......they open like a book. i have the dimension 4550 downstairs and have done plenty of crap to it. and about the cpu dying thing, ive never had one die on me. except for that time i killed an amd k6-III 450mhz by setting the jumpers the wrong way (on purpose, i was trying to get higher speeds from a 66mhz fsb board with only upto 3x multi....and i put them every which way with a p1 mmx233mhz and it never blew) and at one particular way, it never turned on again, and now it just heats up like a stove top any time i try it in any board lol. so you deff. dont have to worry about cpu's dying, unless you like ran them without ANY heatsink or fan haha. then ud likely see them die in a matter of minutes
  13. i know how to fix it........uninstall IE7...... its full of bugs ...not pcpitstops fault
  14. i'd try and get my 486sx connected to the net for it.....now how do you connect windows 3.1 to the interent again? but if i did win, i wouldnt want the geek squad to come over >_>; ......maybe just my name up in the top of a thread or something saying ive got the oldest pos still running haha
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