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    Gateway from late 2000 Windows 2000 OS 320 MB RAM, 40 GB HD Access Internet through Linksys Router, Wireless USB Network adapater
  1. Hi, I have a Linksys Wireless-B USB Network Adapter and an ActionTec GT724WG router/modem provided by my DSL provider. I can connect with the router, but every now and then my whole system freezes. Sometimes I can close out of the browser, and that will do the trick. Other times I have to restart the computer. Sometimes this might happen several times in a given sitting. Sometimes even the Restart button doesn't work and I have to hit the on/off button. Things I've established so far: -- The Device Manager always indicates that my network adapter is operating fine. I can't access the Device Manager when the system is frozen, but I can access it when it seems like the browser is having problems and it still says the device is working properly. --The problem occurs regardless of whether I'm using Firefox (most of the time) or Internet Explorer (rarely). Tests run on both show they pass most tests, but I might try reinstalling both anyway. --The problem occurs regardless of the time of day. --My spyware situation seems pretty good according to a PC Pitstop scan and Spybot, and according to the free edition of AVG my virus situation is fine. Any other thoughts?
  2. I've been a loyal owner of PCs for seven years, but I'm thinking about getting a Mac next time. I tuned in to the video hoping that it would convince me that "apples for apples," the PC OS operates better than the Mac OS. To me, what stands out is not what the video says but what it doesn't say. It COMPLETELY AVOIDED THE SUBJECT of comparing the relative operating effectiveness of the operative systems--the most salient concern I had. I thought the PC advocate would at least attempt to address the issue at some level. Instead he seems to be trying to pretend the problem doesn't exist. That's a red flag for me if I ever saw one.
  3. Hi, Sorry for the late response--out of town for the holidays. Well, it's good to know someone has had a similar issue. Except my computer is the only one on Windows 2000. I'm not using it for the networking purposes. The Linksys Wireless system is for internet only and not for networking our computers. Would you suggest manually changing the IP on my computer? --Steve
  4. not quite sure what you mean by a "nic". For testing purposes I did install a different compatible external wireless card (a USB Network Adapter, also from Linksys)--essentially the same kind as the one that I have. But the same problem occurred, so it's not the adapter. --Steve
  5. I've been having a very frustrating time getting on and staying on the Internet with my wireless connection. In my house we have a modem attached to a Linksys router, and then I have external USB wireless port from Linksys on my computer. No one in the house but me has problems with the Internet. I have Windows 2000 on my computer, though I'm not part of a network. I frequently log on, only to get "You are connected to the access point, but the Internet is not available." Or sometimes I'm lucky enough to get on, but then suddently after 20 minutes or an hour or three hours I'll get a "Server not available" message, and I can no longer surf through either Firefox or IE. Sometimes I'll see little messages from the network icon on the bottom saying "Network Disconnected", and it's off either for a second, or maybe for good. I also occasionally get errors saying something about an IP address conflict. I don't know what's causing that. I don't have test results from PC Pitstop, but they seemed to test fine, and I pinged most of my common websites well. I tried calling Linksys support, and one of the things we did was to check the network drivers. The Linksys USB network driver was working fine. We found another network driver, though, that was a mystery to both me and the tech person. Its icon was a question mark, and said something about a PCI card. Most recently, when I checked it, it said it wasn't activiated, and I wasn't sure if that was a problem or not. Also, my ZoneAlarm occasionally flashes me a message saying that some program is trying to either delete, or sometimes add a driver or service, and the program is not able to give me further details. I hope this is enough information. Thanks for your help--I'm typing this from a remote computer right now as we speak.
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