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  1. Thanks doug i have done another test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=H0BFTW6U0EGSKAJG I have also had a look at the usb in the device manager and there are no warning signs, updated java, and unistalled norton and this didn't solve the problem. The weather station collects data from the sensors and stores the data until i connect via an usb and sends the data about every 30secs this is when i get the error message and this will happen every 30secs until i disconnect,i have tried the station on an other comp with the same software installed and everything works fine.
  2. What ad blocker do you use can you recommend a good ad blocker i would prefer to pay a fee simply you get what you pay for,at the moment i'm having a trail with ad-muncher this is doing a really good job, but it's not ready for vista yet.Thanks
  3. many thanks for your reply,thought it was norton causing the problem so i uninstalled it but it didnt cure the problem,as for increasing the ram i have never had any problems before.
  4. here's my tech express hope i did it right http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=H0BFTW6U0EGS8HWG what do you think i have an error message External Exception EEFFACE when trying to load data from a weather station via usb
  5. here's my tech express hope i did it right http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=H0BFTW6U0EGS8HWG
  6. sorry for the delay the only software is norton 360,ithought it might be this but my other comp with same spec runs ok,usb in the device manager is ok tried uninstall but still no joy. Wuold a system restore to an earlier date work or if it's a reg problem does this not work. thanks for your time
  7. I have an error message External Exception EEFFACE every time my weather station sends data to the pc(xp sp2) thruogh the usb,what does this mean and how do i get rid,looked on google,but couldn't really understand what they were saying. I would like to sort this out it's driving me mad.Thanks
  8. I did uninstall everything before brother helped me install a vista version,after looking in the programs and features what is "Use an older program with this version of windows",would this help me and how do you use it.Thanks
  9. As i said i have a brother dcp130c and the yellow ink has run out,the manual says you can't print when one ink has run out,how can i override this to print in mono,already ticked box for greyscale in printer settings.Thanx and Merry Crimbo as we say over here
  10. I have a Brother DCP 130c all in one printer which worked perfect on xp now i have a vista comp the drivers from the disc didn't install properly,received a message on startup showing the mfl-pro suite is not installed properly,went to the web site to download vista drivers still the same message.Spoke to brother on the phone and guided me through the install and still the same,they said that because i put the xp drivers on the machine the vista drivers won't install fully,i have to do a system restore because some xp files are still there.Is this right as i have to go back about 3 months do i
  11. Thanks for your reply beagle1 great help,i found out what is taking up all the room Norton Ghost with image and backup files about 14gb altogether,i didn't no ghost was installed(not my comp),what does it do and what to do with said files,do i delete or save to disk or stick.thanks
  12. Can i delete any of this crap,if so what should i look for .
  13. Yer i thought that but like i said it's mighty big, 19.6gb for an operating system would i be right i thinking xp needs about 6-8gb.
  14. I have an Acer laptop with 60gb installed running xp,when i looked in my computer it shows C drive has 26.6gb and 16gb free space and also a D drive called Acerdata which has 26.6gb and only 7gb of free space.I only found this out when i did a defrag and the c drive took about 2 hours to defrag and informed i didn't need to defrag the d drive as it hadn't been used.What is this partition a why is it so big i thought i owned a 60gb comp.
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