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  1. hi tom, yup, upgraded from vista to win9, although i still dont know why because i haven't noticed the slightest difference! anyway, my printer. thanks for the link. did as you suggested and got my printer back including the wifi link. just 1 problem remaining and that is, i cannot print a document! if its in colour, no problem, black and white, nothing! all ink wells are full. print a test page, blank! print a colour picture, fine. i dont expect anyone on here to be able to resolve that for me, guess i'll have to contact Canon for that. thanks again for your
  2. hi all, the above printer is also a scanner. so, i tried to scan and print a document and got the message that i needed to 'turn enable bi-directional support on in the printers properties dialog box'. i opened the properties box and could not find anything relating to the above! can anyone point me in the right direction please? cheers, bjt.
  3. i dont believe this! as i said previously i had tried the headphone jack without any success, but that was before i had updated the bios etc from the toshiba website as suggested. so, having read the above suggestion, again, i thought i would give it one more go. tuned into the bbc radio program (radio 2 if anyones interested! lol) plugged into the headphone jack and VOILA, SPEAKERS WORKING! i am so pleased, but at the same time bewildered! most of all though i'm grateful to all who helped me. thanks again, bjt.
  4. thanks for that mark, looks like i'm lumbered with £200 worth of desktop pc speakers without a desktop pc! oh, and yes i did try the headphone jack, with no luck, and even the headphones didn't work! not the end of the world. lol. i'll keep tryingl cheers, bjt.
  5. thanks newguy, tried the device manager route and everythings fine (no exclamation marks). went to toshibas website, http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/inn...dProductPage.do? and downloaded all available updates including sound drivers, still no joy. whilst in there i noticed this item under the heading..........interfaces. 1 x DC-in 1 x external monitor 1 x RJ-45 1 x external microphone 1 x headphone (stereo) 2 x USB 2.0 not sure but i think this may be the problem! there is no connection for an external speaker system. i ha
  6. hi, thanks for your suggestion, and yes i did try that but to no avail. below is a description of my laptop................... TOSHIBA EQUIUM A200--1VO Model No. PSAF5E-002005KS Windows Vista Home Premium (build 6000) MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-850S ATA Device [CD-ROM drive] FUJITSU MHY2120BH [Hard drive] (120.03 GB) -- drive 0, s/n K427T7B2BHN2, rev 0040020B, SMART Status: Healthy 2038 Megabytes Installed Memory Slot 'M1' has 1024 MB (serial number 1234-B0) Slot 'M2' has 1024 MB (serial number 1234-B1) hope this is enough to be going on with. cheers,
  7. i have a toshiba equium laptop that i purchased recently as part of a space saving excercise. (did away with my desktop pc). i used my bose desktop speakers with the desktop, which was great. i have just tried to use them with the laptop and cannot get any response from them at all, apart from the cracking noise when initially plugging them in. has anyone any ideas (again, lol) on what might cause the problem? even my earphones wont work! the sounds from the built in speakers is abominal! hardly any volume, and tinny. having said that, it is a very cheap laptop.
  8. ok, for those that were interested, ive finally managed to stop the pop-downs! i deleted the malware program because (for me at least) it didn't help at all. i downloaded and installed a program called SUPERantispyware from this site.............. http://www.superantispyware.com/?tag=SUPERANTISPYWARE and it seems to have cured the problem. best of all its free! hope this helps others with a similar problem. cheers, bjt.
  9. well, finally got a response from malware!.............quote............... ,Please restart the computer and let me know if the error still appears. Also, please use the quick scan instead............unquote. brilliant! 3days to respond and thats what they come up with! bjt. finally got a response from malware!
  10. hi bionic, i wish i could help you but i'm still having problems even after following the tips posted in here! i had to uninstall ie7 pro as i found i couldn't connect to any site, it would time out. startup was taking ages, and shutting down would cause the system to freeze! after the uninstall, everything went back to normal, including the pop-downs. cheers, bjt.
  11. thanks for that mel i'll give that a go. just installed and ran the malaware program as suggested. it ran for 75 mins without any of the 114,000 + objects being infected and had almost finished when an error sign appeared with a code, which i have communicated to melawarebytes, and await there response. at that point 1 infection was indicated, but i couldn't clear the error message so had to close the program using control alt delete. really frustrating! just about to download ie7 pro. i'll keep in touch. bjt.
  12. thanks for that guys, regarding pokerstars, ive been a member for about two years, only play for fun (and lose regularly)! lol. i'll follow your links and do as you suggest. thanks again, bjt.
  13. im using ie7. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KBYS1WXZZHGSPZBL dont know if this will help. cheers, bjt. just an after thought regarding the defrag. ive used the windows built in defragger and another paid for utility. test still reccommends a defrag!
  14. hi, i have recently started to receive adverts whilst browsing the internet. the adverts always relate to the site im viewing ie. the national lottery site will invoke adverts for gaming sites, etc. these are genuine adverts (not the pornographic type). they appear in my bottom task bar and dont appear until i hit the tab to delete them. some though, have audio and do intrude over the site im viewing. i have trend micro internet security, which i use to scan regularly, and cc cleaner, neither of which indicates any problems. i have also run adaware, without an
  15. just my luck, my canon printer is not compatible with windows vista! when i tried to install using the cd supplied with the printer, a warning popped up advising that this program would not install properly as there was a conflict that canon were aware of. was advised to contact canon, who advised me that there was a solution and to download 2 programs. the 1st was named b6C21ENx.exe and the 2nd was b7100MUx.exe. so i downloaded them and opened them, and then tried to connect again, without success. ive tried deleting and re-installing as windows say
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