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  1. Has anybody heard of these: Noctua NH-U12F I hear great stories about them, and as a matter of fact....I just destroyed my Zalman 7700Cu by sticking my finger in its fan...so I need a new one!
  2. Hey Brandon Dude, How far are you willing to go? Wanna burn it up? (Since it's not AMD anyway,right?) Lol, set your rig close to the airconditioner and lead the cold air through your rig! This will lower your temps so much that you'll be able to up the voltages to like 1.65 V Core!......I wish you GOOD LUCK and God speed! Ps. I just did that with my E6600 and I only got it up to 3.5GHz(7x500 on 680i):-( Prof. Dr. Silver
  3. With that Vapochill...I don't think Lou was talking about your tiny $ 40.99 VapoChill MICRO, ineedhelpregularly21 ....LOL I think he was more thinking like this: VapoChill LS If money doesn't matter, this would kinda be the best aftermarket cooling you can get! LOL...But if you decide to buy this, b0r3dinmadt0wn, you'll have to get into/learn overclocking.....and you came to the right place for that here!! Good luck! Prof. Dr. Silver
  4. Thank you Luis_GT.... That is my main concern...I know of a few ppl who are having problems getting their E6600 even stable @ 3.0Ghz, let alone any higher. I figure again, since this is the first batch of the E6420 (which I just saw @ Premier Canada for C$ 269.99 ), they should rock the clock! Also the $ 299 Canadian plus tax for the E6600 is a price stunt from Tigerdirect. Yes, the first batch of the E6420 (also with 4Mb L2 Cache) is probably expensive, but it is new and it has a multiplier of 8 which should make OC'ing it a dream.....first reviews seen it go up to 3.4Ghz on air without any problems!! So now what? Prof. Dr. Silver
  5. DUDES!!! Quick! Which one to take? 1. E6600 @ 2.66Ghz with 4Mb L2, 1066 FSB for C$ 299.00 plus tax or 2. E6420 @ 2.13Ghz with 4Mb L2, 1066 FSB for C$ 319.00 plus tax ???? Please help.....This is from Tigerdirect.ca. I figure, maybe go for the E6420, since it is a new processor and OC'ing might be better than the 'old' E6600. Do I make any sense? Prof. Dr. Silver
  6. Dude....C2D it is all the way...quality and a superbly designed processor...!
  7. Lusafis, dude, my X1900XTX(oc'ed) is already stuttering when playing Oblivion to the max....no chance in hell your card will play it decently. But anyway, I for sure would go for Lou's suggestion and go for the E6600 and the 8800GTS, but wait until the end of April, because Intel is dropping their prices a lot!! I just read the E6700 will drop its price with 40%!!! That will make it just as expensive as the E6600 now! Prof. Dr. Silver
  8. You know what...Paul is right! Get him two of the Raptors for his RAID 0 setup ( you can get them in smaller versions, e.g. 36/74Gb = cheaper) and perhaps a Samsung Spinpoint P 250Gb for storage!! That would be a dream setup! Prof. Dr. Silver
  9. Hey Guys, I like to compare my scores on HWBOT, there you'll find a lot of test results and benching scores, OC'ed and not OC'ed. Good luck comparing, Prof. Dr. Silver
  10. Well, I definately DO NO THINK SO! I got my very first OC'ing board after doing lots of research and price comparing. I ended up with the ASUS P5N32-E SLI and it ABSOLUTELY ROCKS! I got the very first version, straight the first hour it arrived in the stores and set it up, without ANY PROBLEMS whatsoever! It OVERCLOCKS like crazy and it is stable as ****!! An absolute recommendation!!! Prof. Dr. Silver
  11. LOL. The same happened to me...I got the same card and had it installed in the STORE....when I came home I also noticed that the cards was very hot! Same thing there...THEY forgot to take the slot bracket out!! Luckily I noticed it quickly because the card would for sure be fried by now! Prof. Dr. Silver
  12. DUDE!!! Hell yeah! I live in the cold north too...in Toronto to be exact! At the moment at night it is approx -12C....freaking freezing...I stripped my case and put it in the window sill on the ledge! It sucks the freezing cold air through the front and out the back! LOL....works great and it is the only way I can get my P D 930 on air running STABLE at 4.5Ghz!!! temps are then at 35C running full load! the Mobo is than 15C or so. See the pic here and enter member number 12877, you'll see the pic of my rig in the window. Be carefull though, because of the cold my 3,5" drive got screwed up....I assume it was TOO cold for it and now it just doesn't work anymore....probably condens screwed it up. I figured that out when I wanted to install my RAID 0 drivers via the diskette drive. Now I just don't have RAID...LOL But ehm....GOOD LUCK! Prof. Dr. Silver
  13. DANG!! I HAVE TO BUY A NEW CARD AGAIN !?!?!?!?! When does this BS stop???? LOL....this way I'll never get rich! Prof. Dr. Silver
  14. That's no problem....my X1900XTX reaches 95C easily running a little overclocked.....and my new 7600 GT(w.passive cooling) SLI setup is only slowing down at 130C ( !!!!) But i'm running these @ 738/1742 (standard 650/1600) and so far they havent gone higher than 69C for the bottom card.....which has the least case airflow I guess.... Prof. Dr. Silver
  15. New PSU??? NO NEED MAN! lol I run all this crap in my sig and so far I haven't encountered any problems....until I started Prey and F.E.A.R....which I noticed yesterday. After I installed both of those...(Just after I reinstalled everything else because of a couple of corrupt files due to OC'ing?) I wanted to play them...but ehm...NO CHANCE. They start up...and that's it! Everything else runs fine and before I installed SLI, I was able to play just fine on my X1900XTX... Don't know what's going on but we'll see if we can figure it out! Prof. Dr. Silver
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